scotland 3 ukraine 1

  Legolas 16:56 13 Oct 2007

Another great victory for the Scots

  tullie 17:08 13 Oct 2007

Some of our posters are sad,England never have great victories

  Bingalau 17:17 13 Oct 2007

What would the Scots do without the Everton trained players? Come on you blues.

  Legolas 17:17 13 Oct 2007

I just wish Scotland did'nt always give me so much stress I would settle for a boring easy win sometimes. Wearrapepeeeel

  Clapton is God 17:51 13 Oct 2007

"Another great victory for the Scots"

When was the other one?

  justme 17:56 13 Oct 2007

I suggest you ask a French football supporter that question.

  tried 18:09 13 Oct 2007

was that win golf or basket ball? Damn Im so thick is clapton really god?

  Clapton is God 18:36 13 Oct 2007

"is clapton really god?"

Yes. You obviously don't know your 1960s history click here

  [email protected] 19:01 13 Oct 2007

Well done Scotland,nice to see Kenny Miller on the goal sheet again!

  Joe R 15:04 14 Oct 2007

Yes it is good to see the "feelgood factor" back in Scottish football again.

Our International team, are leading a section, including both finalists, and one of the quarter finalists, from the World Cup finals.

Our "old firm" have beaten the best teams from, Italy, (current holders of the Champions league) Germany, Russia and France, and Aberdeen have made sure that there will be three Scottish teams playing in European competition after Xmas.

Yes it is definitely, a good time for Scottish football.

  Legolas 15:34 14 Oct 2007

Yes and I see Bertie Volts is reported to have said he takes some of the credit for Scotland's recent success. I don't think so, under him nobody wanted to play for Scotland and we had sunk to our lowest ever world rankngs.

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