Scientists to test 'yeti hairs'

  Seth Haniel 10:54 24 Jul 2008

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Hair strands thought to be from a yeti-like creature living in India are to be tested in Oxfordshire.
Scientists at Oxford Brookes University will study the sample, which was found in the state of Meghalaya.
They will see if the strands match a known animal. To date there has been no conclusive proof yetis exist.

  johndrew 13:43 24 Jul 2008

`.. no conclusive proof yetis exist.`

Perhaps a look at some who attend football matches may sway them :-)

  €dstowe 13:51 24 Jul 2008

Silly season in full swing.

  Seth Haniel 15:01 24 Jul 2008

better watch out... the Americans are at the moment testing the surface of Mars to see if whatever - and its costing them $billions. Certainly silly season

  laurie53 19:29 24 Jul 2008

Come on Nessie, wake up - getting near time for your annual appearance!

  Legolas 19:52 24 Jul 2008

I agree Nessie is being very shy this year, maybe she is off on holiday to warmer climes especially after last years summer.

  Seth Haniel 08:11 25 Jul 2008

Haggis spotting in Abedour this weekend ;)

  Brumas 09:01 25 Jul 2008

....whilst digging the border I just spotted the Lambton Worm ;o)

  Seth Haniel 09:09 25 Jul 2008

Will be passing Penshaw Hill about 2:15 will keep a look out for it....

Then the giant Angel of the North five miles further on ;)

  bjh 10:27 25 Jul 2008

If you catch a Haggis, you can send it down to my lab. I'll be pleased to analyse it for you.... so long as it comes with a decent malt!

Even if they do test it, and it's an unknown animal, it's no proof that a "Yeti" exists - just another unknown animal.

Think of the media fuss only a week ago when a new bug was found in the garden of the Natural History museum!

  Brumas 10:42 25 Jul 2008

Take care and avoid all sudden movements ;o))

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