Schoolboy Busker @ Brighton

  peter99co 22:03 08 Sep 2008

He's a bit good.

Will he make the big time?

click here

  Si_L 22:09 08 Sep 2008

Wow, thats fast guitar.

Cool that he doesn't mind his dad in his band! I wouldn't want my dad in mine!

Brighton's lucky, we have a ukulele player in my town, not nearly as impressive.

  peter99co 22:11 08 Sep 2008

I hope he has a good accountant judging by his earnings.

  €dstowe 07:25 09 Sep 2008

I've seen him play. He is as good, perhaps even better, than you see on the BBC clip.

  Monoux 09:09 09 Sep 2008

Will he make the big time? -- I'll be very surprised if he doesn't, what a player!!

  Quickbeam 09:39 09 Sep 2008


  rickf 10:13 09 Sep 2008

He is excellent. There are unfortunately soooo many excellent young players around. You just have to go to MySpace or YouTube and you'll be amazed. He needs proper management, encouragement and support. My son shreds as well as this boy does. Believe me they need a lot of support to not get discouraged and demoralised if success/recognition does not come quickly. I hope he gets there.

  Cymro. 13:17 09 Sep 2008

I always make a point of giving at least some money to buskers. Usually a £1 coin or some loose change that I happen to have at the time. But this young man must be raking it in to be making £70 an hour.

I have always rather liked to see buskers on street corners in our high streets. It adds character and atmosphere. Some of them are indeed very good and well worth a stop to listen to them.

Like most men when out shopping with the wife I will always opt for a seat on a bench, weather permitting, than drag round some shop or other. If there also happens to be a coffee shop with some tables outside and descent busker within earshot then that me set nicely to wait for the return of my wife from her shopping.

  peter99co 13:42 09 Sep 2008

I was in Portsmouth a few years ago and came across a small band from South America whose Panpipe Music was drawing a nice crowd. I bought the CD. Still play it occasionally. Not everybodys cup of tea but I like it.

  €dstowe 14:19 09 Sep 2008

This boy has taken the first big step into becoming well known and that is performing to a large audience.

It's all very well playing to your friends and family at home or putting a video on MySpace - where someone has to physically search to find your entry. That's not the same at all as going out into the big wide world and actually doing it live and for real.

I also enjoy good busking (emphasis on "good" - I've seen some quite dire efforts). One of the best performances I've seen was in the cavernous entrance to Charing Cross underground station where the was a full quintet, complete with grand piano, playing Schubert.

  Cymro. 14:52 09 Sep 2008

Lester Square in London often attracts some very good buskers but I wonder how they get to perform in such a place. Do they have to get permission or are they licensed in some way.

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