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A school trip for a 9yr old.

  bumpkin 12:18 20 Nov 2018

My grand daughters school is offering this skiing trip to France. Depart Friday, stay 1 night and return Saturday, including 4hrs on the slopes. Cost £850 per child.

  Cymro. 12:25 20 Nov 2018

I take it you are going to pay for her to go on this shindig. Of course you are, you know you want to, what else are grandfathers for?

  wee eddie 12:27 20 Nov 2018

Are you sure that you haven't misread something

  Forum Editor 12:41 20 Nov 2018

It doesn't sound like much of a skiing trip - there one day, back the next. It's hardly worth going for such a short time on the slopes. I've heard of a school offering a week's skiing in America for £1500 per child.

I suggest you do some checking - where are they going, for instance, and how are they traveling?

  bumpkin 12:48 20 Nov 2018

I think you are right, this needs checking out.

  bumpkin 13:08 20 Nov 2018

I can't find the details for 2019 but looking at march this year it was a coach trip departing Fri & returning Sat following week. 2 x 2hr lessons per day and full board. That makes a lot more sense. My apologies for posting from heresay without checking first.

  wee eddie 14:59 20 Nov 2018

That sounds about right. Andorra used to be slightly cheaper than France

  Forum Editor 17:25 20 Nov 2018

"That makes a lot more sense."

It does. Get your card warmed up.

  BT 17:40 20 Nov 2018

When I was at Grammar school in the 50/60's there was a school Ski trip to Kitsbuhel - cost £20 for a week

Seems School trips these days get more extreme almost every year. A friends 13 year old has just had a week in New York. Don't know how much it cost. The most my junior school could manage was a day trip to Barry Island or Rhyl ☺

  Forum Editor 17:53 20 Nov 2018

"...a day trip to Barry Island or Rhyl"

Rhyl - ah, the memories. My father used to take me to Ocean beach when I was knee high to a welsh cake.

  bumpkin 20:17 20 Nov 2018

Get your card warmed up.

Reading through the details it is not a bad deal at all including full supervision and all insurance including accident. The child herself does not seem concerened about not going. Apparently this is an annual thing so I think i will give it a few years until there is more enthusiasm. I am quite happy to pay for it but would like it to be appreciated rather than just going because others are.

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