School thrashings to be re-introduced!

  Quickbeam 09:16 16 Sep 2011

If you believe this headline, mind you, I think most of us would say 'it did us no harm':)

  gengiscant 09:25 16 Sep 2011

Not only did I get the cane on occasions but a ruler across the knuckles was another favourite along with flying chalk and chalk-board rubbers. All of which were very sore when they connected with young flesh.

Whether it did harm or not I'll leave to others and although I was not the most capable academically,at least when I left school at 15, I at least could read and write and reasonably competent with basic mathematics.

  hssutton 09:29 16 Sep 2011

As you say it did us no harm, probably the reverse, but I saw no mention of 'School Thrashings'

  Aitchbee 09:33 16 Sep 2011

I remember I got '2 of the belt' for copying another boys french 'composition' homework - word for word.That taught me a lesson.Bring it back, I say.

  birdface 09:57 16 Sep 2011

I am all for it. Bring back hanging at the same time. None of them should have been abolished.

  wids001 10:53 16 Sep 2011

The problem here is that there was never a law that gave teachers the right to use the cane or whatever. Indeed, the same can be said about getting a clip round the ear by police years ago. It was just part of growing up that, importantly, the majority of parents agreed with.

I can remember getting the cane at school and when my father spotted the marks the same evening and realised what had happened I received a repeat of it from him! Likewise after the many times I was clipped round the ears by the police I always dreaded going home because I knew that the police would have already been and seen my parents and that I could expect more of the same from them when they I home.

Now that corporal punishment has been banned only legislation can get this re-introduced, but how would you define such a law and at what point would a clip round the ears become a good kicking!

No, thanks to all the doo-gooders, tree-huggers, liberals et al, those days have gone and won't be coming back ... mores the pity.

  badgery 11:14 16 Sep 2011

Here we go again. All the "Never did me any harm brigade" out in force to demand a return to beating children. As long as these posters are no longer old enough to have to endure it, they want it - sadists might be a suggested name.

What rubbish, caning/belt etc never solved anything, except when wearing rose-tinted specs.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:24 16 Sep 2011

badgery, so, do you think the current lack of firm discipline is a good thing?

  onthelimit1 11:35 16 Sep 2011

badgery At least when I was at school, the threat of punishment meant that the majority of children behaved themselves. Violence against teachers and swearing at them just NEVER happened. Somewhat different to the situation in many schools now!

  Quickbeam 11:47 16 Sep 2011


"...but I saw no mention of 'School Thrashings'" It's there clear as day between the lines.

  Bapou 12:07 16 Sep 2011

Joining the village Senior School from the Infants a particular teacher took exception to me being left handed. Each time I started to write he rapped my knuckles with a ruler. According to him being left handed was sheer laziness and he would knock this out of me.

Fortunately, he had been observed administering this punishment on others before my arrival and a week later he departed never to be seen again.

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