School sport

  carver 12:23 17 Aug 2012

How does this coalition get things so wrong, one minute you have Cameron flag waving about how well we have done at the Olympics and schools should do more sport enter link description here then you read about enter link description here .

Then they change the rules over how much space schools need to have for sport to make it easier to sell the fields they have, stupid, short sighted and you finish up with children with no idea how to play sport.

  Aitchbee 12:45 17 Aug 2012

Gove is a 'loose cannon' and Mr Cameron ought to have known that fact by now.Once again 'poor government' and lack of 'joined-up thinking' is to blame for yet another embarassing apology from the education minister.

  KRONOS the First 12:58 17 Aug 2012

OH dear,wait for the deluge of Tory supporters here posting excuses for the ministers behaviour.

Though I am not sure why it should come as a shock that politicians say one thing then do another and then when they are asked to explain there actions they blame subordinates.

  bremner 13:09 17 Aug 2012

Do people really think that any Minister of whatever party in power actually retrieves these figures for themselves.

As has been reported the mistake was made by officials at the DfE who then provided the inaccurate figures to the minister.

  carver 13:32 17 Aug 2012

bremner where do you think he got the first set of figures from, and if they can't get it right then sack them.

  interzone55 13:37 17 Aug 2012

fourm member

The first one is from BBC, the second one is the Guardian's story about Gove not listening to advisers, which is really not any kind of surprise...

  bremner 14:11 17 Aug 2012


If we started sacking civil servants for making mistakes the country would soon grind to a halt.

You can be sure that those responsible at the DfE will know the governments feelings on the matter.

  oresome 15:03 17 Aug 2012

It is also noteworthy that the focus is on the number of cases where Gove over-ruled the recommendation he was given rather than the absolute number. That's probably because the last government sold off plenty of sports fields.

Surely this has become the focus because it was until recently a rare event to overule one's own panel of experts.

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