School holidays and family holidays?

  Cymro. 15:41 06 Apr 2017

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Rather surprised this one had not made the Forum but then I think it or something like has been on before. Anyway I dare say there are still opinions out there about it. Personally we just took our kids away within the school holidays but I do realise that to do things as most other do will not suit everyone.

  wee eddie 16:37 06 Apr 2017

The Parents I feel sorry for are the those that live in Resort Areas and work in the Catering Trade.

Many of them are not able to take time off during the Holidays. Because the economics of that trade all staff need to work during High Season

  Forum Editor 18:13 06 Apr 2017

Opinions are divided.

I believe the Supreme court ruling was inevitable, and correct - the flood gates would have been opened if the court had ruled against the local authority and the government.

It was always a ridiculous defence to say that this child's attendance was normally good, so that entitled her parents to take her away on holiday during term time.

  rickf 20:40 06 Apr 2017

Good decision!

  Belatucadrus 12:09 07 Apr 2017

I also think the supreme court is correct, when Wayne and Sharon get prosecuted because little Chardonnay can't be bothered to go to school, nobody says a word. When a more affluent family want to take their little princess on a cut price outing to Disney world all of a sudden it's an infringement of civil liberties. They could have paid the sixty quid fine but instead decided to argue the point and got burned, tough luck.

One rule for all applied regardless of social standing or financial state.

Oh dear I seem to have come down with Socialism in my old age, must go out and sneer condescendingly at an oik restore my credentials as a Tory git.

  iscanut 17:22 08 Apr 2017

Teachers have families and are in same situation as parents yet they cannot take a week off with their children during term time. How would parents react if this happened ?

  bremner 17:51 08 Apr 2017


It has happened several times including this one click here. I really don't understand how the head and governors can look parents in the eye.

  flycatcher1 20:44 08 Apr 2017

In 1946 I attended the Swedish International Scout Camp and was allowed to be away from school for a fortnight during Term Time. It was quite an experience and it broadened ny view of the world but, I missed out on the end of year exams which consisted of previous School Certificate Papers. The School did not give me any exams at all but I now know that by not doing those exams I was not as prepared for the real thing as I should have been. This has always been my excuse for my less than brilliant final exam results.

  bumpkin 21:14 08 Apr 2017

What is more important? your childrens education or a cheaper holiday. As soon as anyone wins or gets any unexpected money the first thing they want to is go on holiday like it is the be-all and end-all of existence.

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