School computers (on Doctor Who)

  [DELETED] 20:39 29 Apr 2006

Anyone catch this evenings doctor who? If so, was most amused by what appears to be an entire schools worth of PCs all plugged into one 13 amp socket. Cutbacks in comprehensive education? or perhaps they think they are somehow saving electricity :-)


  [DELETED] 21:27 29 Apr 2006

They were obviously using alien technology which requires less power than our primitive computers :-)

  mco 09:38 30 Apr 2006

..think it was tongue in cheek but great laugh!

  [DELETED] 09:45 30 Apr 2006

The all looked like Dell PCs to me... perhaps alien technology is the secret to their commercial success?

Also interested that the board exploded on removing the plug?! Surely it'd be the other way round?!

For once, it was the first episode of the new Doctor Who which I rather liked :o)

  [DELETED] 10:00 30 Apr 2006

They supply the US military in my favourite show too. You see them sitting there with nice shiny silver laptops and you can clearly see the Dell logo. They also product place their PDAs the Axim v51 on Weir's desk click here

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