scan results; is this a record?

  p;3 01:15 18 Feb 2007

I suspect someone can beat this(?)but I have just scanned a computer (not mine I hasten to add)with avg to find a staggering 3400 infected files and still more to find when a squared ever gets run, let alone trend micro;assuming the computer has the power and energy to DO the scan ;

  Forum Editor 01:29 18 Feb 2007

and I can't beat it, or even equal it. The worst I've ever seen is a client's son's machine with around 1100 infected files.

  SLAYER 06:55 18 Feb 2007

I can go a little better,I was asked to look at a good Friends PC who had all the usual anti stuff.He believed that he was safe and quite proud of himself because he had all these programs to protect him.

To be kind to him he was and still is a novice,updating was a foreign word,scanning was checking out the talent in a night club.Neither was done for at least a year.

He also likes to look at 'erm' adult entertainment,needless to say,I got a very sick PC to try and heal.

He had 5432 infected files on his hard drive,I removed said hdd and it is now at Porton Down,(the government research station),for use by the scientists in there ongoing battle against biological warfare.

  bowman 09:44 18 Feb 2007

I cannot beat you on that figure for infected files, only 235 on a friends PC. But I may just beat you on Temp files......

46723 temp files found on the same PC.

  zincy 10:40 18 Feb 2007

wow that is a lot!!
hehe the worst i scan was my friends one
where he didnt know anything about protection
and found 2400!!
and he was complaining it about it being wonder!!!

  wolfie3000 11:09 18 Feb 2007

Wow!! thats alot.

Worst i ever had was this,

click here

  johndrew 11:20 18 Feb 2007

And I worry if I get a couple of hits!!!!!!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:40 18 Feb 2007

I regularly get asked to "clean" or speed up friends PCs.

Worst culprits are teenage girls (chat rooms, ringtone sites) and teenage boys (I'll let you guess where they surf to get virus and spyware).

Recently had one so slow (I thought it was a 486 trying to run XP ;0)
with over 12000 (yes thousand) bits of crap on it, took hours to disinfect, would have reformatted but parents had data they didn't want to lose.

Now loaded with Avast and Defender which autoupdate and have set a schedule remonder for them to regulay ceck for updates on SpywareBlaster and Adaware and scan both.

  Python33 14:46 18 Feb 2007

cant beat Fruit Bat /\0/\ but my laptop had 4969 infected files thanks to NORTON. most of those were Trojan downloaders. had to re-format the whole thing, even Spy doctor couldnt clean it up.

  chocolate cake 15:07 18 Feb 2007

Not sure if this counts but after a 2005 test by PCA I downloaded Counterspy onto my dad's PC and it found 11,215 infected files, 42,104 infected registry keys, 44 cookies, and 28 memory processes infected.

When i started you couldn't see IE for all the toolbars that loaded up.

  p;3 15:10 18 Feb 2007

now THAT I WOULD have like to have seen::))

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