A Scam A good idea - shall we join ?

  jack 20:12 23 Nov 2005

This link came rrom a usually Web wise contact
What do you all think?

click here

  PaulB2005 20:28 23 Nov 2005

How is it a Scam?

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  wiz-king 06:45 24 Nov 2005

pipedream is a more suitable name. The idea is good but I don't think the discounts are achievable. The margins on petrol are diesel sales are very low and I cant see where that sort of saving can be made - but they might prove me wrong. The administration costs could scupper the savings.

  bj234 09:12 27 Nov 2005

I don't think it's a scam - despite the guy's name - there are plenty of discount fuel card schmes out there for companies and they seem to work.

Martin Lewis, the money-saving expert, has just included it as one of this week's top tips.
click here,

Ben Scammell - the guy who set it up - runs his own IT business and is quite well-known in motor-racing circles.

I have signed up - it's free - and anything that might save a few quid is worth a try.


  sunny staines 09:58 27 Nov 2005

been getting junk mail last few days re this pipline, not sure where they got my details from.

  Chegs ®™ 12:01 27 Nov 2005

Joined Pipeline,anything is worth a go to reduce the cost of fuel.

The chap who created the Pipeline site also created fairfueltax.co.uk.

There is a clear statement on Pipelines site that they dont spam anyone.

  Forum Editor 13:29 27 Nov 2005

May be true, but it's difficult to understand how this person is going to make the system work without attracting money from somewhere, and that somewhere might be advertisers. Call me a cynic, and I'm delighted to be proved wrong, but I wonder if registration requires you to accept 'newsletters' - that may contain advertisements? If so, I wonder how often these will be sent.

Life teaches you that you rarely (if ever) get something for nothing.

  Chegs ®™ 17:02 27 Nov 2005

person is going to make the system work without attracting money from somewhere

He says the card will be completely free, but of course organisation costs need to be met, yet this will come out of the discount negotiated, as will his profit I suspect. Not that it's an issue with a free card anyway.

click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:21 27 Nov 2005

could you save? As we all know most of the cost is tax and you won't get Gordon to give up any of that.

So that leaves 20p odd per litre to get a discount on. The petrol companies aren't to willing to give up much of that away either.

Add to that the fact that many of the people buying the fuel through this scheme may already be regular customers of the fuel company. Doesn't make a very compelling arguement for giving a discount does it? You will probably get bigger savings just shopping around.

  Chegs ®™ 18:34 27 Nov 2005

Between 5-10p a litre,not much but any savings better than none.I carn't see why folks want to pick holes in this idea,its not as if it costs anyone anything bar a few minutes time to fill in the form.There was plenty of support when fuel pricing protests brought the country to its knees,all this guy is doing is negotiating with the fuel suppliers exactly the same sort of deal as a company has for its employees with "fuel-cards" Only difference here,is the folks at large get a discount rather than the employees only.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:56 27 Nov 2005

5-10p seems an awful lot actually - not many businesses could afford to reduce their prices by getting on for 40% which is what you are talking about.

The 20-30p per litre they say they earn is not profit but revenue. Out of this they must pay for all the infrastructure that finds oil, gets it out of the ground, refines it, and ships it to the petrol station. After you take away the cost of all that, the actual profit must be very small, and I can't see them giving any of it away unless they have no choice.

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