Scam ?

  wmoore 10:22 21 Mar 2010

Get a call yesterday from company X
"sir we have been told by your service provider
that you have been getting a number of nuisance/marketing calls on this number"

"Sir we offer a service for £1 a year for up to five years to screen your number for you, Do you have your credit card handy so I can send out some documents for you to sign"

At that point I told him to send me the 'Documents and then I would pay the £1.

"Oh no sir"

Thank you good bye.

  peter99co 10:29 21 Mar 2010

Cheeky devils. I think you could say that was a feeble attempt to extract your cash from your bank.

More a plishing attack?

  rickf 10:51 21 Mar 2010

I think it's about time the government or the telephone service provider regulate this cold calling attempts to either con you or sell you whatever it is they are selling. It's a scandal that service providers are also selling our numbers to others. I was on ex-directory and they still got my number. Been plagued with these calls ever since, even on Sundays and late evenings. What's ecevn worse are the recorded calls which simply leave their messages on your answering machine.

  peter99co 10:56 21 Mar 2010

I use T.P.S. and have not had a bad call since.

  peter99co 10:58 21 Mar 2010
  onthelimit 11:01 21 Mar 2010

Me too - hardly ever get a call. Use MPS too which has virtually eliminated junk mail (through the letterbox, not the PC!).

  Kevscar1 11:24 21 Mar 2010

Give them false details.

  peter99co 11:35 21 Mar 2010

click here

If you have the number they used it is possible to check who it is.

This may not produce a result but worth a try.

  peter99co 11:52 21 Mar 2010

You are correct about the TPS and it is something we should be aware of.

Giving credit information to a person who has phoned you out of the blue is very dangerous practice.

  lotvic 12:33 21 Mar 2010

A lot of these nuisance calls are made from abroad so UK providers can't stop/regulate those.

  rickf 15:47 21 Mar 2010

Done. Hope it works.
Thanks for your helpful advise forum member.
I can go on with an equally valid counter arguement about reponsibilty but I won't waste my time.

Another example of 'somebody should do something' rather than 'I will do something'

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