The Scale of the Universe.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:01 23 Aug 2013

Someone emailed me this link. Size.

I love stuff like this, unfortunately science as most subjects at school when I was a lad were extraordinary boring and taught by teachers that had no soul. Except for one physics teacher who like to blow things up, unfortunately I did not meet him till I was almost ready to leave a school at the ripe old age of 15 years. still I have self taught myself much but wonder what I could have achieved if.......

  userious? 10:29 25 Aug 2013

We are not alone......

  Forum Editor 12:53 25 Aug 2013


Thanks for relieving the tension.

On the subject of size, and awesome numbers...

I was reading the other day that a research lab has calculated that if you wanted to teleport someone, and you needed to digitise all the information contained in an average human body and brain, the scanning process, using the fastest scanning techniques available today would take approximately 14 billion years.

  bumpkin 14:43 25 Aug 2013

I think you will find that those are the early teleporters. The newer ones are UP TO 6 times faster but only available on a 2 billion year contract and not for those with a limited budget.

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