' SAY SORRY' another phrase that has lost is

  jack 08:32 11 May 2009

true meaning.
In recent months various government bodies [national and local] and the financial sector having been found wanting have in public statements sat and said that word.
As if that means all is forgiven.

By my book that is simply mouthing words.
in the current debacle click here
Excuses as 'Its within the rules' does not wash with me.
These honest upright citizens who want to do right by us- and instead took us for a ride.

How about a new phrase 'I Will make amends or 'I will return what I have dishonestly taken'

  crosstrainer 08:36 11 May 2009

....Or, an en mass admission that "we have all been on the take for decades, and will now stop"

I won't be holding my breathe though....Wonder if HMG will pay me 12k to remove the moles from my lawns?

  newman35 08:38 11 May 2009

Wishful thinking, I'm afraid.

I see Cameron is attempting to take the sting out of the imminent Tory expenses release
click here

All the same!!

  DANZIG 08:48 11 May 2009

They all knew the system was wrong but steadfastly did nothing about it.

..and then wonder why people don't vote.

  carver 09:12 11 May 2009

"Wonder if HMG will pay me 12k to remove the moles from my lawns?"

Just mention that the moles will leak sensitive documents if they don't

  crosstrainer 09:13 11 May 2009


  interzone55 11:51 11 May 2009

Or perhaps they should be more honest and say "Sorry we got caught"

  Belatucadrus 11:56 11 May 2009

Another bit of parliamentary double talk that gets my goat is "I assume responsibility ". This usually translates to "We've talked about this long enough absolutely nothing is happening to me as I have complete job security despite being demonstrably incompetent, lets talk about something else."

  Jim Thing 15:20 11 May 2009

"Wonder if HMG will pay me 12k to remove the moles from my lawns?"

Certainly. All you need to do is get elected. Are you quite sure 12k will be enough, sir?

Our MPs spend much of their constituency time advising people how to get 'government money' for nowt simply by knowing how to play the system. Then one day some bright soul thought "Why don't we design a system of our very own? Just for ourselves. That way we too can help ourselves to shedloads of lovely free 'government money' and Joe Voter will never know what we're up to."

But sadly you may already be too late; it seems the Westminster brigands are finally being forced to realise that there's no such thing as 'government money' — it's all yours and mine, and we're in dire need of someone trustworthy to keep an eye on it.

If only I could think of a trustworthy politician...

  johndrew 16:07 11 May 2009

All this would probably never have happened if Elizabeth Filkin had not been pushed out click here after attempting to resolve financial anomalies click here a while back.

She may well have reformed the allowed expenses to meet public expectations. I suppose this may well have been the way other reformers fell and now try to work from the outside click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:11 11 May 2009

....and our MPs are honest with high integrity. Yeah right.

....and the rest of the MPs didn't know what was going on. Yeah right.


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