Saving Money?

  oresome 17:52 26 Oct 2008

Another thread asks for you favourite money saving web site.

I don't dispute that money can be saved by buying off the internet rather then on the high street, but overall, does the web encourage us to spend more than we otherwise would?

We are inundated with adverts and presented with an Aladins cave of goods to tempt the credit card.

  laurie53 19:12 26 Oct 2008

No more than when we walk along the High Street or its modern equivalent.

  DieSse 19:33 26 Oct 2008

Surely we're not slaves to advertising.

Spend what you can afford on things you need. It's simple enough.

  oresome 09:12 27 Oct 2008

Most of us are far more exposed to the internet than the High Street and I don't go along with the view that advertising doesn't work.

The simplicity of DieSse's philosophy is not practised by many, which is not altogether a bad thing........ If we only bought what we needed the economy would grind to a halt.

  lofty29 09:46 27 Oct 2008

Yes but the corrolary is spending what cannot be afforded on things that are not needed is what has caused the present situation, a possibly better thing would be spending what can be afforded on things that are needed and, if possible on things that were wanted. Obviously some people are more susceptible to advertising than others, one of the things that gets up my nose escpecially at this time of year are the NEW albums brought out, which are really only rehashes of old ones or only contain a couple of new songs.

  johndrew 09:49 27 Oct 2008

Ancient adage for good economic housekeeping as used by my parents and passed down to us kids:

"If you can`t afford it, you do without it."

It worked in the past and will continue to work in the future.

  GRIDD 13:11 27 Oct 2008

Increased spending on the net.

I would look for what I wanted and say model A is on the High Street for £249 and B for £299. Model A is suitable but I can get B online for £269 then I would go for that.

Perhaps I spend a little more online because things are cheaper.

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