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  jack 09:21 10 May 2010

Say some news reports- That in some areas Schools have abandoned SATS immediately.

Speaking to my teacher daughter over the telephone last evening I asked if her school was doing the same.

'Not this year' she replied after months of preparation by the children and their teachers and the fact that many parents have paid out for extra tuition, it would be unfair to do so.
But her guess was that by next year it would be a thing of the past- not only by the education authorities by politically as well.

  QuizMan 11:04 10 May 2010

News radio was reporting this morning that teachers were boycotting them because it was too stressful for pupils and teachers. Ah...diddums.

  jack 12:10 10 May 2010

My daughter with all the normal every day tasks of being a form teacher -The year group leader and the SENCO for a school of close on
1000- she it seems to me, working 48 hours a day 14 days a week- add to that SAT marking.
When I mentioned she said 'We get time off as compensation'
I wondered how that will work out?

I conclude - She has been at the same school for 25 years and loves every minute of it - even though when she come to see her aged old pop once a month - she can unburden all the little niggles.

  spikeychris 12:50 10 May 2010

A number of my family are teachers – I have worked with teachers and I even have a teacher’s qualification so I understand and respect the occupation. That said, I would discipline any and all teachers who refuse to work with the SAT’s this year.

We all know the argument of teaching kids to pass exams and education them but how dare any teacher refuse to assist a child in an exam they have taught them to pass for a full year!! As I type, my son is sitting his SAT’s, he has fretted for a while and we have paid for after school and indeed – in school extra tuition – this isn’t something we went looking for – the school sent a letter home.

If the SAT’s are wrong – bin them for next year – don’t dare disrupt this years exams after the children have worked all year towards them to prove a point!!

Chris exits with steamy ears…

  bremner 14:38 10 May 2010

"he has fretted for a while and we have paid for after school and indeed – in school extra tuition"

This sentence says everything that needs to be said about the SATS tests.

They do not benefit children or parents in anyway whatsoever and only add to children's stress and make parents feel they must pay to improve their childs score.

All so that the school can achieve a higher rating in the governments tables.

I support the teachers action 100% and my only regret is that it was not a national boycott.

ps my wife works in a school that is having SATS today.

  QuizMan 15:38 10 May 2010

Why is stress wrong? It is important to have some stress in our lives; it is what stops us vegetating. It is a big world out there and the sooner we teach our children to cope with it, the better they will become.

  bremner 15:44 10 May 2010

Have you any idea how much stress is placed on children aged 10 and 11 (and parents) for these tests? It is not the test day, that is relatively easy, it is the weeks if not months leading up to it.

Whilst I agree that children must learn to cope with pressure the value of these tests for children is not commensurate with the stress they incur.

  QuizMan 15:54 10 May 2010

I was not meaning to be negative, but you stated previously that the tests ADD to children's stress, as if stress is a bad thing.

Your last paragraph indicates otherwise and we seem to be in general agreement about that.

  spikeychris 18:32 10 May 2010

Yeah he has fretted - what kid doesn't when they are sitting exams? The arguments have done the rounds for years - I repeat - how dare teachers use children to prove a point? Wait until the start of a new academic year when a new induction of children arrive and teach them accordingly - drop the tests or work with another year. Do not teach kids all year to pass an exam then refuse to hand out the papers!

That - or find another job.

  spikeychris 18:41 10 May 2010

Is it me or is this just wrong? The teachers knew at the beginning of the semester they would be teaching towards SAT’s. They teach all year then pull the rug the week before so that we are now in a position were some schools are running the tests and some are not! Well done teachers - you have made any result non-credible and wasted a hell of a lot of people’s time.

  bremner 19:09 10 May 2010

You obviously feel very strongly about this.

I have experienced my children doing these tests and very soon realised that they were in no way for the benefit of the children. At 10/11 they had no bearing on what secondary school the child went to and at 14 they did not influence GCSE choices.

Ignoring the timing of the teachers decision in this instance, what value do you think these tests have for the child and what credibility the results actually have?

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