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Satnav use introduced on driving test

  oresome 12:02 15 Apr 2017

To reflect modern driving conditions, yet motorway driving is still not taught or tested.

  Menzie 22:29 15 Apr 2017

I would love the British driving standard!

Here in Canada they have a three stage licensing system in place (not all of Canada as places like Quebec have their own rules and regulations).

Stage 1 - You get a license after a written test to be able to drive with a licensed driver in the car. This license is for one year.

Stage 2 - You can drive on your own, including motorways (something they haven't tested you on at this stage). However no alcohol allowed at all and you must be off the road at certain hours. You have this license for one year (earlier if you take a road safety course). The insurance cost is astronomical.

Stage 3 - Your full license, a highway test is done to achieve this. You can now have a drink (keeping within the legal limit and be on the road at all hours.

Interesting thing is most people take their test in the summer when the weather is ideal. They don't do it in the winter which is when the real challenge starts as the roads are slick, piles of snow are at the side in banks and visibility isn't great when windy and the snow blows.

Here as soon as a snowy day happens there are multiple delays due to accidents as a result. My first winter it was easy to see why, people running lights, following way too closely and speeding. Things you shouldn't do in any weather let alone wintry conditions.

Which is why in the winter you get news like the below.

click here

  morddwyd 09:18 16 Apr 2017

Seriously, I would probably fail the modified test.

I haven't reversed into a bay for years - I carry a power wheelchair and need ramp access to the tailgate.

Parallel parking I am the original Reginald Molegusband (remember him?). If it's not 25 metres long I don't even attempt it, and still end up a foot from the kerb!

I have cervical `spondylitis, and while I ma fit to drive any reversing manoeuvre has to be heavily reliant on mirrors and a reversing camera.

  BT 09:36 16 Apr 2017

I haven't reversed into a bay for years

I'm sure I saw the chap on TV yesterday saying part of the test would be reversing OUT of a Supermarket bay. Now as I see Driving instructors teaching people to reverse INTO supermarket bays at my local Tesco, someone needs to get their facts straight. I always drive into bays and reverse out. Its much easier unloading your shopping trolley into your boot, rather than having to squeeze between other parked cars to do it. Its perfectly easy to do. The only downside is when you get a Monster 4x4 parked next to you obstructing your view.

  oresome 11:50 16 Apr 2017

My brother in law has a new car with the self parking gizmo, so he thought he would try it.

By the time he'd found the switch on the dashboard, there was a queue of cars behind him and he had to abandon the idea.

That's the problem with a new car, other drivers know you care. If they see the reversing lights on my old banger with me getting closer, they move out of the way.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:35 16 Apr 2017

That's the problem - people who continue to drive or walk behind you as you are reversing instead of waiting the few seconds it takes you to get out.

  Smudge120 13:13 16 Apr 2017

I took the AIM drivers training course and passed the test. I was taught to reverse into a parking bay. This means you can see anything coming easily when you are driving out. I always do it this way. Reading about using sat navs, it now means you take your eyes off the road in front to check your speed, your mirrors, and now your sat nav. What happens if the sat nav gives wrong directions? As someone has already said, learning to drive is more than knowinghow to use a sat nav. Bring back double de-clutch to change gear. That is driving!!

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