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Satnav use introduced on driving test

  oresome 12:02 15 Apr 2017

To reflect modern driving conditions, yet motorway driving is still not taught or tested.

  Belatucadrus 12:10 15 Apr 2017

What they need is a teaching SatNav with a test cycle where the SatNav tells you to drive into a pond, anybody that follows the instructions fails.

Have to agree the lack of motorway tuition is silly, it's so unlike any other driving environment and dangerous enough if you know what you're doing, for a newbie with a brand new license a bad combination.

  wee eddie 12:31 15 Apr 2017

However, many of us live nowhere near a Motorway

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 15 Apr 2017

Ah, so modern driving conditions no longer require the use of indicators

or hand signals - other than the V sign or finger to show what the modern motorists thinks of other drivers on the road.

Watch a program last night "Caught on dashcam" some unbeliveable drivers on the road nowadays.

  Matt. 15:24 15 Apr 2017

However, many of us live nowhere near a Motorway

Yes I agree a three hour round trip from where I live (Suffolk coast) just to get to a Motorway!

  Burn-it 16:54 15 Apr 2017

It doesn't matter. It is highly unlikely that you will NEVER use a motorway. Most people are unlikely to try to park in a tight spot. I would hav thought that both following instructions AND looking for signs should be covered.

  bumpkin 18:17 15 Apr 2017

Most people are unlikely to try to park in a tight spot.

Many people have no alternative, I used to have to almost every day and it is not that difficult with a bit of practice.

  morddwyd 18:39 15 Apr 2017

I simply stop reasonably close, press the button marked "Park Assist" and let te car do its wn thing!

  john bunyan 18:44 15 Apr 2017

Difficult to do that when I reverse with a trailer between cars when I go to the tip.

  Aitchbee 19:58 15 Apr 2017

I quite often now see primary-school-kids and young mums using their smart phones as satnav devices on local bus journeys, in between playing games.

  oresome 20:10 15 Apr 2017

Interesting point that if the satnav is detachable from the car or is derived from a smart phone, touching it while driving is probably illegal while if it is part of the built in instrumentation, it may not be so.

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