Sat navs are really good aren't they

  Bingalau 18:28 20 Jun 2012

I have a little Satnav It sits there in my car A Satnav is a driver's friend It tells you where you are

                          I have a little Satnav
                          I've had it all my life
                          It does more than the normal one
                          My Satnav is my wife

                          It gives me full instructions
                          On exactly how to drive
                          "It's thirty miles an hour" it says
                          "And you're doing thirty five"

                          It tells me when to stop and start
                          And when to use the brake
                          And tells me that it's never ever
                          Safe to overtake

                          It tells me when a light is red
                          And when it goes to green
                          It seems to know instinctively
                          Just when to intervene

                          It lists the vehicles just in front
                          It lists those to the rear
                          And taking this into account
                          It specifies my gear

                          I'm sure no other driver
                          Has so helpful a device
                          For when we leave and lock the car
                          It still gives its advice

                          It fills me up with counselling
                          Each journey's pretty fraught
                          So why don't I exchange it
                          And get a quieter sort?

                          Ah well, you see, it cleans the house
                          Makes sure I'm properly fed
                          It washes all my shirts and things
                          And - keeps me warm in bed!

Everybody should have one....

  wiz-king 18:47 20 Jun 2012

Oh Dear your a month too late

  Bingalau 20:21 20 Jun 2012

Sorry I must have been away and missed it....

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