Sat Nav's

  Python33 22:12 11 Mar 2007

I'm probably going to be slated, but im getting a motorbike soon & wondered is there any Sat Nav's for bikes? ie Waterproof. & able to fit on the Tank?? any advice welcome.

  Kev.Ifty 22:31 11 Mar 2007

click here

Google is your Friend :-)

  Confab 22:33 11 Mar 2007

Or here

click here

  Python33 22:54 11 Mar 2007

Kev.Ifty thanks thats a cool web site lots of choice. & google can be my friend.

Confab also thanks didnt know tom tom did sat nav for bikes. very interesting will be studying both sites. thanks again


  Bingalau 14:15 12 Mar 2007

Aldi are selling an "Evesham Nav Cam 6400GPS" commencing This Thursday 15th March at 09.00 hrs price £119.99 Whether they are suitable for a bike is another matter but someone on here will know of course. Looks like a bargain to me and Aldi are very good at accepting returns if it doesn't fit a bike.

  Python33 20:09 12 Mar 2007

Bingalou, Thanks for the Headsup Aldi are but a stones throw away from me so i may investigate. if its fits a bike then thats very cheap. its cheap anyhow.

  Bingalau 21:34 12 Mar 2007

Python33. You probably already also know that sometimes you have to get there early or they could be all gone. If so then dash to another Aldi. That's what I do.

  Python33 21:45 12 Mar 2007

Bingalau. Thanks for the Advice, i have been told that Aldi sell out VERY fast, so i finish work Thursday morning at 07:00 so i might go straight their. ( my uniform might get me in first) He he.

  IClaudio 22:16 12 Mar 2007

Sat Nav's what?

  Python33 22:34 12 Mar 2007

If your Asking what a Sat Nav is then its a Satellite Navigation System.
if however your asking about the Thread title then my detailed Question Answers that.

  Python33 19:19 13 Mar 2007

Thanks for the explanation on IClaudio And their sarky Comment. I'm sure he/she has better things to do than correct grammar or Spelling, surely the main point is that it brings a quick hint as to what the Thread is about. whether its spelt right or wrong.

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