Sat Nav Weirdness

  interzone55 20:51 07 Aug 2011

Yesterday we took our newly fixed up touring caravan for it's first trip to a campsite near Chorley.

We entered the postcode into the sat nav and the distance showed as 47.8 miles, roughly what I was expecting.

Checking Google Maps the postcode seemed to cover a few roads, and we didn't want any nasty surprises involving three-point turns when towing a caravan, so we entered the exact address of the site, suddenly the distance to site jumped up to 85.9 miles.

So we popped the postcode back into the sat nav and set off, deciding to enter the full address when we exited the motorway.

So as we exit the M6 at Charnock Richard we pulled into the BP garage and re-entered the street address and the distance to go jumped for 1.5 miles to over 40 miles.

We double checked and the address we were entering was correct, so I've no clue what was going on.

Anyway, we found the site OK and the caravan survived monsoon rains...

  ams4127 22:00 07 Aug 2011

I treat anything my Garmin comes up with very cautiously having been routed into housing estates before now.

I use a map firstly and only enter the address when within a few miles of where I want to go to.

  interzone55 22:07 07 Aug 2011

This is a Nav Man and it's been pretty reliable so far.

Once or twice it's took some strange routes, including once trying to take me through a house, but I honestly could manage without one now as I often have to drive places at short notice that I've not been to before...

  spuds 22:32 07 Aug 2011

I have an old Navman F20 which is fairly dependable, except for the spoken commentary, which seems to be an hit and miss affair on occasions. Before leaving on a journey, I always harm myself with a print-out of the suggested route from the AA or similar website. Plus I always have a fairly recent road map in the glove compartment, in case of sudden detours.

With the combination of those three, the journey always seems to end where it should!.

  skeletal 16:15 08 Aug 2011

I have commented before on how useless sat-navs are, but how I now depend on them to go anywhere further than the end of my drive.

Last week I went to Bournemouth, an area of the country that my sat-nav does not like at all. When it came time to come home, I put in “home” and it correctly said 156 miles, but because sat-navs like to send you up rivers and off cliffs etc. I always like to check where it will take me. As I was doing this it came up with the usual warnings of traffic problems; I cancelled out of this but could see its planned route was nothing like correct. My son then spotted that the distance had jumped to 210 miles. What was happening was that, against my commands, it was recalculating a route to avoid a 20 min jam by adding 60 odd miles and over an hour to my journey.

Perhaps one of your settings is such that it thinks it is better to undertake a 40 mile journey to avoid 100 yds of “wrong” road.


  Chegs ®™ 16:37 08 Aug 2011

I have a cheap Binatone unit,it "warns" me of speed cameras that don't exist,if I make a mistake at any point it will sit & "recalculate" for ages(allowing me to get thoroughly lost)then spit out "turn left/turn left" instructions as soon as it has the new route sorted even though there are no left turns and has now decided that no matter what I do with the clock setup,as soon as I exit the clock setting menu it goes back an hour(I tried setting it an hour ahead,but it still insists on being an hour behind the actual time)Fortunately,I can read a map so the satnav's usefulness is limited to reminding me where I actually am(map mode)whilst delivering pizzas instead of where my brain has decided I want to be(meds can leave me a little confused occasionally)

  interzone55 16:57 08 Aug 2011


It's highly possible that the Sat Nav decided to send me into the next county to avoid a couple of one way farm tracks, but to jump from 1.5 miles to 40 miles is a bit extreme.

  morddwyd 20:27 08 Aug 2011

"but to jump from 1.5 miles to 40 miles is a bit extreme."

Only down south.

BBC Scotland traffic will often report a road blocked by an accident "Diversions are in place but they will take 120 miles"!

  Chegs ®™ 01:57 09 Aug 2011

If the main route north/south gets blocked here for any reason,the diversion is approx 120 miles too.A journey from Gosforth to Whitehaven(20 mins/11 miles)becomes a lengthy drive whenever the Police close the road(which they seem to adore doing,even when the accident was little more than a van driver failing to negotiate a bend & and ending up stuck in a ditch,but because the driver was trapped[couldn't open the bloody door to get out]the road got closed for over 3hrs)As the road section closed was the only way to travel,there was scores of irate motorists with nothing to do but admire the scenery or risk running out of fuel going through the diversion.Were an accident to occur at Sellafield requiring evacuation,we all might as well bend over & kiss our butts goodbye.

  interzone55 10:04 09 Aug 2011

fourm member

Good advice, I didn't think of doing it with streetview, just checked the regular Google maps.

On this occasion we only decided to take the caravan and make a weekend of the trip because the guy fixing up our caravan had finished the job early. We were just going to pop down to pick up some Ebay stock we'd ordered and come home.

In future I'll do the streetview trick, although you'd hope official Caravan Club sites would have reasonable access routes...

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