Sat Nav cursor wrong or what?

  Yimbo 13:20 17 Jun 2014

On my wife's new Clio, the Sat Nav cursor indicates that the car is about 200 yards ahead of where it actually is. This is OK when she is in familiar territory, but really confusing in a strange area, where correct directions are important.

Dealership says it's just one of those things!

Are there adjustments that can be made to re-position the cursor? Or any possible reasons for the mis-placement of the cursor?

I'd appreciate any ideas! Thanks

Not sure if this thread belongs here - so apologies if not!

  Yimbo 15:40 17 Jun 2014

Will do, wiz-king - - Just wondered if it was a DIY job.

You make a point, Jock1e - - but she's not keen on reverse driving!

Thanks for the input folks!

  bumpkin 15:50 17 Jun 2014

*Just wondered if it was a DIY job. *

I don't know but if you touch it will become your fault so do as wiz-king says.

  wee eddie 16:06 17 Jun 2014

If the Clio is new, they are required to fix it - It's the law of the land.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 17 Jun 2014

Not very accurate, my Garmin is about 10 yds out.

Military don't even us GPS any more terrain mapping seems to be the thing. They can shoot a missle at not just the building but can pick a window of the room your in.

  caccy 21:12 17 Jun 2014

The position can be "pulled" if you are only seeing satellites that are near the horizon. I would suggest that you go to a place that has a clear view of the sky , the top of a hill for example, stop and then check your position. If it is still out then complain. As a rule of thumb any satellite that is less than 5 degrees elevation from you should not be included in the position calculation.

  Yimbo 21:35 17 Jun 2014

Thanks again folks! You've given me lots to think about!

I'll try the Dealership again - brand new car!

  SparkyJack 09:19 18 Jun 2014

As stated new car --dealership is first stop

In reality- depends who you speak to service manager if no joy dealer principle.

Google Renault Forum, also 'honest john'

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