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  carver 08:44 27 Mar 2010

I think most people have heard of this and might have thought "good idea" well after reading this click here I'm not quite sure.

I didn't realise that someone can ask for a check to be made just out of curiosity, and once that check has been made or even if it is declined it will appear on that persons police file.

The worst part is the person will not even know that a check has been made against them, what happens if it's some 20 year old who's training to become a teacher or social worker, or even any job that might bring him or her into contact with children. Something like a sex offenders check on your file will not go down well with a future employer.

  Kevscar1 09:17 27 Mar 2010

Same as every law, not necesarily the fact that the law is bad it's the people who interpret it then produce guidelines, people who seem to have no idea of waht the real world is like.

  bremner 10:55 27 Mar 2010

"assumption" is a key word in this report.

"Assuming that the PNC and other official bases retain an audit trail of checks made, the fact that an individual has been checked will go on their record – ready to trip that individual up should they ever wish to apply for a job working with children in the future"

1. It assumes an audit trail.
2. It assumes a check will go on a record.
3. It assumes that audit trail is such that a future check will also search the audit trail.
4. It assumes the fact of a mere search will be disclosed.

It is fair that these concerns are raised and surely the point of a pilot is to highlight issues.

Fourm member

Regarding your hypothecial situation.

In para 1 you state Mr X is completely innocent Therefore is nothing for police to disclose.

In para 2 you suggest that simply because someone has previously been queried the police may make the decision to make a disclosure. A disclosure of what - there is no information, he is innocent.

  carver 11:33 27 Mar 2010

The police now have to log every request and it doe's not matter what the outcome is, it will be entered onto that persons file.

The scenario that fourm member posted is what will happen if a request is made and if that person ever applies for a job that involves a CRB check it will show up that in the past some one had concerns about that person.

For some people the old saying "there's no smoke without fire" will apply.

bremner, how would you feel if some one had a grudge against you and decided that in their opinion you acted "weird" when you had children near you, they don't have to have any other reason than they are concerned. Explain to a prospective employer how it must be a mistake and you are innocent of any wrong doing, I'm sure he will believe you.

  bremner 15:52 27 Mar 2010

Do you have first hand experience of what is recorded and how that information is recorded by the police?

Do you have first hand experince of how they respond to CRB queries and what criteria they use to decide whether or not to disclose that information?

From the content of your posting the answer is very clearly you do not.

Information that can be disclosed is very clear. The fact that someone has previously made a query and / or the result of that query is most certainly not disclosed.

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