Santander Banking Nightmare!

  Big L 266 10:24 30 Dec 2010


Santander have done two things to me today which have annoyed me.

1.My current debit card is due to expire tomorrow 31/12/2010. Today 30/12/2010,I ring them for a second time and ask them where is my new debit card replacement to start 01/01/2011? The first occassion in mid-December was met with them saying they'll not be issuing a new one until a few days prior to the expiry of the old. Today it transpires nothing was issued and that I'll have to wait until the 10th January 2011 before the replacement arrives. This means I cannot get any money out of my current account,nor do any transactions at Aldi which only take debit cards and not credit cards.I did say I had disabilities and can't always get out to go shopping further afield,it made no difference.There appears to be no special arrangements for disabled people or people like me with disabilities.

2.I then proceeded to go online and check my account. I use the same numbers every time I log on. In fact I have then written down in front of me. I put in my numbers and my account is locked out on the first attempt. I did try twice more but it still remained locked out. I again rang them and asked why. Apparently the numbers I had used (and had been using for months) came up with someone elses details which is why it was locked out. I said how come it locked me out when the numbers I've used haven't changed? She said she didn't know and that it must be me inputting the numbers incorrectly. I said that isn't true. So now I have to wait for a new set of numbers to arrive before accessing my internet banking account.I again asked if this could be done quickly as I have disabilities and rely on internet banking. Again the response was no and I'll have to wait up to 10th January 2011!

3.I then rang their dedicated complaints number.A helpful chap couldn't explain away why the debit card replacement wasn't issued,nor why the internet banking was locked out. I didn't lose the plot but I certainly felt I should've. In both instances,they offered me £20 compensation but no earlier expedition of said debit card or internet banking details.

Can you recommend a bank to whom I could change with whose treatment of its customers isn't as grim please? I've been with Giro, then Alliance & Leicester and (sadly) Santander since 1982. I wish to move away from this appalling bank and take my business elsewhere. Thank you for any help in this respect.

I hope I haven't bored you rigid!

Big L 266

  morddwyd 10:34 30 Dec 2010

You could always try a British bank.

Let's face it, one of the biggest banks in the world, based in Spain, is hardly likely to be too concerned with an individual customer in the UK, which is a very small part of its geographical market.

  Big L 266 10:41 30 Dec 2010


morddwyd....I agree with you wholeheartedly. I've just rang Norwich & Peterborough in Spalding to see if they can help. I liked Giro & Alliance & Leicester because they were once British and not a satellite of a multi-conglomerate run from a foreign land as they are now.

Wish me well!

Big L 266

  johndrew 10:56 30 Dec 2010

You are aware that Norwich & Peterborough are linked to Keydata are you? click here Also Coventry are eyeing it up. click here

Could be a case where someone like Lloyds or Barclays may be better. I left Santander when they screwed up our ISA accounts, lost the money and took a threat of legal action and over six months to resolve the problem.

  octal 11:01 30 Dec 2010

I'm sorry to hear about your disabilities, but I can't see the relevance of being disabled to an able bodied person like myself who also relies on internet banking and my debit card to make transactions. I'm also with Santander and I'm watching them very closely, so far they have been OK, but if I get any problems with them I'll also be looking elsewhere. I would certainly be a bit miffed if I had the same experience as you have had and would likely be looking into moving, it doesn't pay to be loyal these days because most big organisations are not that interested in their customers, only the profits they can make for their shareholders and in spite of all the lip service from them, I don't think Santander are any different. The trouble is finding a bank that does have a genuine interest in it's customers, best of a bad bunch comes to mind.

I also started with Giro back in 1976 when Barclays Bank decided they were going to start charging customers if their current account dropped below £50 in the month, they lost a lot of custom over that as people like me never went back to them, in spite of all the begging letters and the later removal of the charge.

  zzzz999 11:05 30 Dec 2010

Its been my experience that its Abbey National that is the weak link in the |Sanatander Group. I have had no end of problems with Abbey including them having someone else's bank account paying my mortgage for me for about three months.

  Big L 266 11:43 30 Dec 2010


johndrew....Abandoned N&P after hanging on the phone for 10 minutes. The 'your call is important to us' scenario was a little draining.

octal....I mentioned it to Santander as I hoped there would be something within their banking system which would help me. As my disabilities are essentially mobility ones,and my nearest store Aldi doesn't accept credit cards,plus when my friends come over I go shopping in Aldi with them,I can use my debit card at the checkout.I too sympathise with your Santander predicament.

Rick's Cafe....I do sympathise with you.

Big L 266

  Big L 266 11:50 30 Dec 2010


Good news everyone....I've just opened up (in principle at the moment) a new current account and credit card account with Nat West by telephone. They also have a local branch here in Spalding which is great.

I feel a whole lot better now and had this overwhelming desire to do a reverse Churchillian gesture at my screen!Once its opened,I'll then have a day on the telephone changing all my details which I don't mind doing.

Now for a well-deserved cheese-on-toast snack!

Big L 266

  ukpostcode 11:53 30 Dec 2010

We gave up banking with the Abbey now Santander 2 years ago.
The level of customer service was so poor.
My local branch were next to useless.

We are now with The Nationwide after being with the Portman Building Society for 10 years.
The Nationwides level of customer care is much better and our local branch is very helpful all the time.

  michaelw 11:56 30 Dec 2010

Consumer watchdog Which? has just named Santander the worst bank in terms of customer satisfaction.

Read more: click here

  jakimo 11:57 30 Dec 2010

This would have been a good enough reason for me to ditch them

click here

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