Same song over & over

  interzone55 12:05 26 Oct 2011

You're probably all well used to having to listen to the same song over & over on the radio, a problem that particularly afflicts listeners to commercial stations (except Absolute).

Well I had a weird experience yesterday when travelling up the M6. Absolute Radio was fading in & out, so I was scanning through the AM band to see if it had a second frequency, first I stumbled upon some station from Stoke who were playing Everlasting Love by Love Affair, scan again and up pops Capital Gold, who had just started to play Everlasting Love by Love Affair. Another scan and a third station was playing the same track - I'd assume they were all syndicated stations if they weren't all at different parts of the song, I checked by scanning back between the stations.

by the way, I was the passenger in the car, not driving.

  spuds 12:17 26 Oct 2011

"syndicated stations" is perhaps the name of the game nowadays.

In my location of the country the 'local' stations were just one (BBC) then progressed to more. It would seem that some of the previous stations have now closed down (due to funding and support), and the rest have started to share resources.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:02 26 Oct 2011

Same songs

different adverts to suit the area.

  interzone55 14:28 26 Oct 2011

But, it definitely wasn't three syndicated stations as the songs started at different times.

I'm aware that many stations, like Magic, Real radio etc are syndicated, and have the same output, but it all runs at the same time

  daz60 19:39 26 Oct 2011

I have to say that i stopped listening to various stations because of that issue.There appears to be a standard number of songs which are played constantly in various play lists and their repetition tends to grate after a while.

The similar state has resulted in my putting the TV in storage,repeat after repeat after repeat. Freeview may be free but the view is the same.!!

  Chegs ®™ 06:53 27 Oct 2011

I always have a radio on 24/7 as it drowns out noisy neighbours/wind/yobs etc.I have dispaired at commercial stations playing the same ten records every hour(or thats what it sounds like)I've also noticed that modern music seems to consist of one line of lyric repeated,though fortunately there are some exceptions.I have also tried to pinpoint where the DJ actually is,as the local station (usually at weird o'clock) has people phoning in from various locations around the UK.I like Absolute Radio,but early morning the chat is childish.I'd listen to the local station instead,only the DJ insists on describing in detail all the goings-on in the various soaps(which I refuse to watch)so I have not a clue what he/she is talking about.I've promised myself a DAB car stereo for my next birthday as I would like a choice of DJ/genre of music during the evenings at work,instead of 5hrs of remixed rubbish at "saturday night party" I am turning into a miserable old git.

  Aitchbee 07:16 27 Oct 2011

The song remains the same - early morning Radio4's weekday schedule is in a format that work's for me, between 05.20hrs to 12.00hrs.The 'Pips' get played a lot...but it's mostly all talk, with no adverts..and no music.

'Weather Report' gets a spin or two, also.

  SparkyJack 08:41 27 Oct 2011

I suspect as mentioned else where a sort of packaged program- similar to Muzak.

I have over the years noticed that certain personalities in radio interviews at differing times and differing stations give the same output to questions put by different interviewers. Seems like the stations are presented with a recording of the conversation with a script for the interviewer.

Moving on ----- To Movies have you all noticed how certain movies not only keep being repeated but also 'bounce from channel to channel all in the same week- then go away only to repeat the sequence a month or so later. It was last week I think that the 'Battle of the Bulge' made its appearance and 'The Bridge of Remagen' also

  finerty 19:08 28 Oct 2011

traa la la la remember the banana splits, still cant get that out of my mind

  octal 22:04 28 Oct 2011

I've more or less stopped listening to repetitious terrestrial radio these days in preference to internet radio, there are some really good ones around thank goodness.

  al's left peg 23:32 28 Oct 2011

I got a DAB radio a couple of years back and listen to Planet Rock most of the time on it.

I stopped listening to my local Commercial station up here Metro Radio, a few years back as they seemed to play the Scissor Sisters every 15 minutes, every day!!!!

With Planet Rock you get everything from, Bonamassa, Iron Maiden, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Hendrix, Black Sabbath, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Motorhead, T Rex, Gerry Rafferty, Def Leppard, The Cure, The Gaslight Anthem, Fleetwood Mac....and on and on. There's no Girls Aloud, there's no Scissor Sisters, there's no Westlife and no people such as that annoying little twerp Louis Walsh prattling on about how good bloody Jedward are, the fool.

I also like to listen to some of the radio stations on iTunes from around the world. Only good ones though, ones that don't play the Scissor Sisters.

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