same product half price

  mobileman1953 13:06 29 Sep 2012

Went to high street chemist had flu injection cost £12.99 , noticed today in local supermarket flu injection£7 with voucher for free coffee , chemist must be making collossel profit

  carver 13:16 29 Sep 2012

Why did you go to a chemist for a flue injection, you can get it for free just by being near some body who already has flue and is coughing a lot.

  spuds 13:24 29 Sep 2012

I get my flu jab free from the GP practise I am registered with, as do many other people who fit certain criteria's laid down by the NHS.

But going back to chemist shop prices, then a look at most supermarkets, who will reveal savings on most everyday non-prescription medical products.

  Woolwell 16:44 29 Sep 2012

"chemist must be making collossel profit" - Probably not. The chemist will have significant overheads whilst the supermarket is able to achieve economies by scale. High Street shops are often struggling to survive.

  woodchip 16:47 29 Sep 2012

Chemists ten to stick to Retail Prices.

  woodchip 16:49 29 Sep 2012

sorry for the mistake need some more keys on this dam keyboard tend not ten

  BT 17:13 01 Oct 2012

Not just people stuff.

I can get Frontline for my kitty at prices between £10 and £18 for 3 treatments depending on where I get it.

  Forum Editor 17:23 01 Oct 2012

This kind of thing is what defines a free market economy. Shops are free to set their own selling prices in order to compete for business.

The downside for small retailers is that they can't get the same bulk discounts as the supermarkets, so they start with a disadvantage, unless they take advantage of one of the various cooperative supply organisations which buy in bulk and distribute to their member shops. Cash and Carry warehouses serve a similar purpose, enabling small businesses to buy at more favourable prices.

  morddwyd 20:19 01 Oct 2012

On a slightly allied topic, if my experience is shared by others then on-line shopping may benefit the local High Street.

I increasingly find that whereas before I would do all of my shopping in a "one stop, easy park" retail park, I now buy a lot on-line, but for the small things which are not worth the hassle of a separate order I tend to shop locally.

  finerty 19:35 02 Oct 2012

ive been offered jab at gp but declined just like last year and the year b4. Ive only had oen twice. Reason for not having it well when i have it i come down with the dam flu. When i dont have it i dont have the flu. But maybe it works one way for people and another way for others

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