Salvador Dali

  userious? 18:58 18 May 2011

Just a little question,anyone know how Salvador Dali's Royal Heart actually works??

  SparkyJack 20:01 18 May 2011

Possibly the answer may lay here

link text

  zzzz999 06:15 19 May 2011

looks to be a clockwork system, possibly rotating a cam

  userious? 08:32 19 May 2011

Hm....still no positive answer.

  Quickbeam 08:55 19 May 2011

It'll certainly be different to what you expect, just like his thought process.

  Covergirl 12:28 19 May 2011


"Hm....still no positive answer." Are you serious ?

Have you tried some of the links provided by a search engine?

One such link says it is "mechanical", therefore it must be powered by some kind of power supply, clockwork, mains or battery; I don't believe solar power was around when it was created.

If you believe the hype that it doesn't beat when nobody is looking at it, then good for you.

  userious? 18:55 23 May 2011

Covergirl Yes of course i've searched for an answer and I visited all the sites that are mentioned in the more, but nowhere actually say what drives it.

  Forum Editor 19:06 23 May 2011

I think that it's driven by a pump.

Underneath the gemstones there is a small neoprene rubber bulb that is rhythmically inflated and deflated. Pretty straightforward in engineering terms - it's the kind of thing that is used in dialysis machines. A rotating disc has cams that act on a tube to drive pulses of blood through the system.

Or perhaps I'm completely wrong.

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