Salt Shortage

  onionskin 21:16 10 Jan 2010

I told my wife that my Sunday dinner tasted a bit odd, she said the shop had sold out of salt, but the shopkeeper had said that you could use cat litter instead.

  karmgord 21:29 10 Jan 2010

Just tried it,cat litter,tastes awful on chips!
;- )

  Quickbeam 06:43 12 Jan 2010

Missed that on Sunday.

  peter99co 17:57 14 Jan 2010

Up to 30 councils spurned an offer last year of thousands of tonnes of de-icing salt at a reduced price, to use on the roads this winter.

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:42 14 Jan 2010

Well they were being warned by the Climate Change Brigade that, due to carbon emissions, the winters would become milder. Hey ho then.


  Forum Editor 19:03 14 Jan 2010

with someone who told me she had a friend who is involved with the government's road salt allocation scheme. Apparently this person says we are virtually out of salt - only 15 tons a day can come out of the ground - and if there was to be another spate of snow this winter we would be in dire trouble.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:50 14 Jan 2010

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Winsford salt mine produces about 1 million tonnes of salt a year

  robgf 19:50 14 Jan 2010

You learn something new everyday. I always thought salt was produced by evaporation, I didn't know you could mine for it.
Having a "Google" out of interest, it seems the 15 tons a day figure could be a smidgen out, lol.
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  Seth Haniel 21:08 14 Jan 2010

Officially the have none - unofficially the are only supplying to council.

  Forum Editor 23:14 14 Jan 2010

I also thought the 15 ton figure was wrong, but my client assures me that was what she was told.Something's obviously wrong.

I'm going to investigate further in the morning, but the part about 'we're almost out of salt' was pretty hard to misunderstand. If so much can come out of one mine I wonder how it can be necessary for the government to take control of supplies. After all, the mine in your link only produces 50% of the total UK demand, and it produces 30,000 tonnes a week. If it's doing that all year round, and we're still desperately short It seems we need a lot more salt than I ever realised. Surely we're not using up 60,000 tonnes a week, every week of the year?

  IClaudio 23:58 14 Jan 2010

The bankers are probably taking their bonuses in salt now, which is why we're running short :)

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