Sale Starts 10am sorry 7am Boxing Day

  Colin 20:38 24 Dec 2008

The usual Boxing Day sales adverts are on TV now. It used to be “Sale Starts 10am Boxing Day”, but I see that PC World and others are starting at 7am. I appreciate that desperate times require desperate measures, but 7am on Boxing Day? Pity the poor staff who will be working then and who wants to go shopping at that time? Probably loads of people but not me!

  interzone55 20:57 24 Dec 2008

Next have been starting their sales as early as 5am for the last few years, who knows what time it'll start this year...

  Legolas 21:14 24 Dec 2008

I went for my "Christmas shop" last night and despite promising myself that I would cut down on last year I didn't. It seems to be ingrained in my brain (wrongly)that the shops will be closed for days, when in reality it is only Christmas day. At the back of my mind there is always the thought of "what if".

I have never ran out yet and usually end up throwing away something that does not get eaten, not something I like doing. We are a very wasteful and extravagant society when it comes to food.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:36 24 Dec 2008

we were in tesco's for a last minute shop( never mind the fact that I had a 5am start the following morning). we only have enough food in to feed about 5000. Mrs WTM was worried that another 5000 might turn up unannounced. Even so, it was absolutely heaving.


  perpetual motion 21:42 24 Dec 2008

Legolas" good point "It seems to be ingrained in my brain (wrongly)that the shops will be closed for days" i was told (lol) by the wife to goto the local shops tonight she wanted some milk & i asked her how much she rplied "About 6 litres" or two 3 litre containers..? i said what for she said cause the shops are closed""

It is pushed upon us the image of once christmas day is here they are all closed for days..? i think they used to years ago but now a days there is more muslim run shops where the dont celebrate christmas so its to there advantage as well as ours for them to keep open

  interzone55 21:59 24 Dec 2008

5 loaves and two fish should do the trick...

  LastChip 22:00 24 Dec 2008

bar a war, that will get me out of bed to be at PC World on Boxing Day at 7.00am.

What ever are these people thinking?

Incidentally, I got the email too and as far as I can see, there's nothing worth going for at any time!

You watch, come mid January - February, that's when the real discounts will start, as it'll be a race for survival IMHO.

The full impact of this economic mess hasn't been felt yet; but it will.

  bluto1 22:07 24 Dec 2008

PC World in Boston started their SALE today and I hit it lucky when I bought a 22" Wide screen TFT.
I thought the price was fair at £119.97 but at checkout it was reduced to £94.97. (:-)))

  muddypaws 22:21 24 Dec 2008

I wonder how many people will be rushing here tomorrow: click here
and find they have wasted their time.
Bit misleading to say the least as Bluewater shopping centre is closed.

  muddypaws 22:23 24 Dec 2008

Presumably it refers to 'on line'.

  Mary_S 02:06 25 Dec 2008

People will turn up, is why they do it. Those who are anxious to pick up a bargain will feel the need to , get up early and beat others. Its sad , that it has come to this state. I sympathize for those who work in those stores. But tbh, one my friends use to work in house of fraser where she started work at 5.00 am on boxing day and got payed triple pay for it. So she was on £24 an hour on a 19 hour shift. Not bad. Somehow i doubt PC World are paying anything near that.

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