Saga travel insurance, have you used them

  daisy2bell 09:39 21 Jun 2010

Has anyone here used saga travel insurance, and if so, have you been satisfied.


  johndrew 09:52 21 Jun 2010

We used both Saga holidays and their insurance for a longish period. However, Saga have, in the recent past, changed their underwriter.

In the past it mattered little what pre-existing you had as they would cover you - especially on their holidays - provided you declared all conditions. Additionally there was no additional premium.

Under the 'new' arrangements there are pre-existing conditions that will not be covered; in fact cover will be refused in total even on their holidays. Additionally there are pre-existing conditions for which additional premiums have now become payable.

In general I would say that Saga no longer truly cater for the older person, as they were when family owned, but have become a fully commercial travel organisation. The original concept of a company catering for the elderly to travel regardless of medical conditions - provided the travel was not against medical advice - has been lost.

To my knowledge the remainder of the insurance package is much the same as any other.

  morddwyd 09:54 21 Jun 2010

Never used Saga for any insurance as I have never found them competitive.

I know this is not exactly what you are asking, but it is an opinion on Saga, which may help.

  spuds 12:18 21 Jun 2010

Agree with both contributor's. Saga seems to have gone from the ever friendly senior citizen rank to the more commercial side. No longer good or cheap, you can now get better elsewhere.

Give the Post Office a try.

Would mention that one of the daily newspapers who have a customer rights column, was recently covering a complaint about insurance cover refusal 'after the event'. In the main it appeared to be the wording covering pre-existing conditions and how the insurance companies decipher this, even though medical reports stated that the previous medical problem was no longer a concern. So be very wary on what you do!.

  Bingalau 12:23 21 Jun 2010

The quotes I have had in the past from SAGA have been triple what other insurance companies are asking. I wouldn't touch them with the proverbial Barge Pole

  Bapou 12:55 21 Jun 2010

We gave up on SAGA many years ago now. First couple of years it's service was satisfactory, then on one occasion, before renewing, I inquired about a quote from another firm. This was much less than SAGA quoted for renewal, so I rang them.

"We'll match the quote" said the salesman, sounded good to me. This went on for a couple more years then we decided if SAGA could not provide a more competitive quote to the likes of RIAS first time round then we change over. They did not and we went to RIAS and have been there ever since.

SAGA's man was not amused when phoning we had not renewed. He also failed to understand my reasoning as well.

  sunnystaines 13:00 21 Jun 2010

always found their quotes far too expensive, use pj hayman.

  daisy2bell 15:26 21 Jun 2010

Thanks guys. Have been looking at the RIAS website, and will give them a ring in the next day or so.

I'll leave this as "open" in case there are further replies.


  peter99co 22:43 21 Jun 2010

Just this year cancelled cover and gone to HSBC

  WhiteTruckMan 23:12 21 Jun 2010

A general observation here. We all know (or should know!) that car insurance renewal quotes are substantially higher than a new policy would be. (insert your own cynical reason why at this point) Why would we expect travel insurance to be any different?

I would ask my inlaws, as they have used saga in the past. Ironically, they are not available as the are travelling in france right now!

To the OP: what do you mean by 'used'? Has anyone actually purchased a policy, or do you mean has anyone had to claim off one? Simply going for the cheapest option might not be the best option, tempting as that may be, if you might have all sorts of hassle in event of a claim. I advise doing some digging for customer satisfaction before handing over the readies.


  anchor 09:30 23 Jun 2010

I too find Saga significantly more expensive than other insurers for similar cover. This applies to both motor and travel insurance.

I agree cheapest is not always the best, and neither is the dearest. You may well find that cover from very reputable companies will cost less.

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