Sadly - This is the real world.

  JYPX 19:22 25 Sep 2005

I am often asked for pc advice from work colleages, who for some reason wish to take advantage of my limited knowledge. I like to compare the advice that I give, on spyware and av, with the advice given here in the helproom. A comment made by Gandalf a couple of months ago has really stuck in my mind. The jist of it was that 80% of the pc's examined by Gandalf revealed that the owners surfing habits were of an adult nature. I have to say that rings true with me and appears to be supported by various reports in the media. The advice that I give is therefore the best that I can offer, in light of the users "normal" suring habits, which puts then at daily risk from spyware and trojans. So the question is....Do you regard the PCA forum members to be typical members of the public and should the advice given be of a drastic nature if required - ie use of the best imaging/recovery software as a regular get out of jail card? Would you agree that advice along the lines of "behave" is futile....

  JYPX 19:25 25 Sep 2005

suring habits = surfing habits

  wolfie3000 19:48 25 Sep 2005

iv helped out friends in the past with there pc's and the best advice i give is to keep up any anti virus and spyware software up to date.
two of my freinds ask me to check up there pc's regularly and give them a once over (clean out junk defrag etc) and have been surprised myself with there surfin habits i dont judge them on it but warn them about potential dangers with some of the sites.

  stalion 19:57 25 Sep 2005

The members of this forum by the shear numbers represent a very good cross section of probably all ages.You can give advice but it may not be heeded and if anything goes wrong if they take your advice you are the one in the firing line.
Why not get your friends at work to join the forum as you know already being a member they will be given advice on all aspects of protection
and back-up.This forum being free is therefore
worth it's weight in gold

  Noldi 20:30 25 Sep 2005

You have to be careful what search engines you use some take you to Adult content even if you type in something quite innocent.

  JYPX 20:38 25 Sep 2005

That is a great piece of advice and I will do just that. I do hope that someone will challenge my outrageous assertion that 80% of the public are visiting adult websites and we should therefore assume that 80% of PCA members reporting spyware will also......

  Forum Editor 22:52 25 Sep 2005

different computers in the course of a year - some are in corporate offices, some in home offices, and some in teenagers' bedrooms (although not too many of them).

My experience is that this 80% figure for adult content is about right - I see records of thousands of cached pages from adult sites.

That's life, as they say, and there's not much I can do about it, or should do about it, other than discreetly recommend the use of the appropriate security measures.
Everyone has the right to expect a degree of privacy when it comes to their personal life, and that extends to their internet browsing habits. Whether or not a person looks at adult content is of no real interest to me, and it's certainly no concern of mine.

  wolfie3000 01:51 26 Sep 2005

it seems to me as though people are skirting round the issue of adult websites as i see it as long as its not illegal material surely anyone over 18 can go to these websites without being called perv or anything.
theres nothing wrong with adult sites as long as there legal and the veiwer is 18 or over.
to me its like buying it from a shop.
It like i visit alot of websites like click here because i like to mess about redesigning the look of my desktop and how it behaves my point being that its not to everyones taste but its legal.

  wolfie3000 01:52 26 Sep 2005

oops wrong link click here lol

  wolfie3000 01:55 26 Sep 2005

click here my latest creation.

  wee eddie 07:36 26 Sep 2005

Which of the PCs you examine is used by interesting people and which by the terminally boring.

I do believe that I know one of that remaining 20% but if you included the shooting of poor defenseless Grouse, Pheasant and Stag as unacceptable, then he'd be in serious trouble.

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