Sad to see the passing of Tam Dalyell

  Ungus 09:32 27 Jan 2017

Sad to hear the death of Tam Dalyell aged 84 he was a man who fought for unpopular causes and a thorn in the flesh to both Labour and Conservative governments. Although being on the completely opposite side of the argument from me on the constitution and a staunch unionist who fought hard against Scottish devolution stating " it is the motorway to independence with no exits" i always admired his principles and integrity with a willingness never to stand back from a fight.

He of course was a Baronet and old Etonian which made his choice of party quite surprising but non the less his council and willingness to debate and listen made him well respected at Westminster and Scotland, we are in a time when all parties including my own sometimes forget that to sometimes give a little is the basis for solving problems and at the moment we are in a period of setting out positions without always listening, perhaps as negotiations proceed over the next few years there will be a little bit of give, at least i hope so.

Politicians of Tam's creed are few and far between nowadays and although i didnt agree with him on Scotland i did respect the way he stood for the union in a positive way and not the negative way it is now, perhaps if unionist had listened to him more their parties wouldnt have been all but wiped out in Scotland. Anyway may he rest in peace in the full knowledge of his place in Scottish politics.

  oresome 12:00 27 Jan 2017

A nice tribute Ungus. I echo your sentiments.

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