Sad day for the Highlands and the Jocks

  Ungus 18:31 07 Nov 2016

Fort George and Glencorse are to close hundreds of years traditions wiped out by a penny pinching conservative. Thousands of Jocks have passed through Fort George which is synonyms with Highland soldiers. The links are unravelling they talk of British traditions and then set about destroying them. "Touch me not with impunity". Will the Black Watch even remain. Raised in 1739 from Clan Campbell, Munro Frazer and Grant to police the highlands based in the highlands ever since and now who knows. As an ageing Jock this is a sad sad day.

  john bunyan 19:08 07 Nov 2016

As an ageing Jock this is a sad sad day.

As an ageing Brit I agree with you. So many of my old barracks have closed, with the Army at only 80,000. Royal Marines Eastney, Browndown, HMS Vernon, HMS Hornet, HMS Daedalus (shore establishments), RN Hospital Haslar - all closed. I thought that with BAOR Germany some units would keep some of these places open.

I have worked with the Black Watch in the past and have huge respect for their history.

  oresome 19:43 07 Nov 2016

Do we want to leave the next generation debt or tradition?

Time to move on and cut our cloth according to our purse.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:33 07 Nov 2016

Our local camp, Norton Manor Camp, is being closed which will be a major economic shock for the area, especially the nearby village of Norton Fitzwarren.

  Forum Editor 23:02 07 Nov 2016

**"....we've got 21st Century soldiers. They need 21st Century equipment. They need 21st Century training and they need 21st Century accommodation. "Fort George is a great monument. It's a great tourist attraction, but it's a listed building and it's very difficult to get it to the point where we can have 21st Century living"**

That's the point, isn't it? Scotland is to see 8 sites close, but there will be 48 others that close elsewhere in the UK. The simple fact is, it is better to spend our defence budget where it is most likely to be effective. It's taxpayers' money, and they (rightly) want to see it spent on defence, rather than on maintaining outdated facilities that cost a fortune to to keep going.

  Brumas 23:19 07 Nov 2016

A couple of years ago, whilst holidaying in the highlands, Macscouse and his good lady wife Lynne showed us around Fort George. He had previously been a guide there so we got the full monty which I thoroughly enjoyed, our two wives didn't as Fran is not too good on her pins and it required far too much walking!

Whilst I thought the whole complex was unique I do feel it should be an open-air museum, where re-enactments and the like could take place, not a barracks for serving troops in the 21st century!

  Macscouse 10:16 08 Nov 2016

I have an infinity with Fort George. I live just down the road from it, and love the place. I worked for some time as a guide, and had the good fortune to be the driver of the electric train that took the visitors around the Fort. Latterly, I worked in the Admin Office until my retirement. For all those people who complain about its demise, I would say, go and live in the barracks for a winter. For the soldiers who live there, the nearest entertainment is at Inverness, 12 miles away, with no public transport after 8pm. Good enough for us old codgers who joined up when we we were paid a pittance, but today's youth require, and deserve better. Given a good sum of money, it could be one of the best tourist attractions in the country.

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