Sabre-rattling over oil in the South Atlantic

  peter99co 14:26 17 Feb 2010

click here

a dispute that's remained unresolved since the Falklands War nearly 28 years ago.

Is Maggie still available?

  johndrew 14:53 17 Feb 2010

From the news, we apparently have `good relations` with Argentina and none of this will affect us(???).

The problem now is that British forces have been decimated by cuts and are stretched by Afghanistan. With the shortage of money, manpower and equipment available, if another `1982` emerges what could we do about it; send an e-mail of complaint!!!

  michaelw 15:17 17 Feb 2010

And guess what it's really about....


  Clapton is God 15:56 17 Feb 2010

"if another `1982` emerges what could we do about it; send an e-mail of complaint"

No, I think peter99co summed it up in his thread title. Our forces would be reduced to rattling sabres because they probably can't afford any other weapons.

  sunnystaines 16:32 17 Feb 2010

put two nucular subs down their to keep their navy in port.

thats about it the rest of our navy has been scrapped apart from a few boats, the airforce is ok but no long distant bombers unless they comandeer the one in an aviation club,

  wee eddie 16:54 17 Feb 2010

Our Gordon hasn't got the 'Cojones' to do a Maggie.

But the question would be. Do we really want to?

  johndrew 16:55 17 Feb 2010

`.. reduced to rattling sabres ..`

Which they don`t have; but they do have e-mail.

  Flak999 17:21 17 Feb 2010

Since the conflict in 1982 there is a permanent presence in the Falklands of Army, RAF and Naval personnel.

There is a flight of Tornado F3 air defence fighters permanently stationed at Mount Pleasant Airfield along with RAF regiment and Army troops to defend the islands. click here Also there are frequent naval deployments all are part of BFSAI which is British Forces South Atlantic Islands whose sole aim is to deter any military aggression against the South Atlantic Overseas Territories. click here

We gave the Argentinians a lesson they are unlikely to forget, last time. I consider it extremely unlikely that they would be so stupid as to try the same thing again!

  Input Overload 17:42 17 Feb 2010

The Americans might help us too as with the special relationship we have with a couple of Nimitz Carriers parked up.

  sunnystaines 18:04 17 Feb 2010

good link.

how many tornados my up a flight? at a guess i would expect 30 or so can you put me right?

  egapup 18:44 17 Feb 2010

Why do you think Thatcher went all out to get the Falklands back.....

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