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  Seth Haniel 10:48 04 Dec 2008

Firm makes one billionth mouse

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Swiss company Logitech has hailed as a major landmark the production of their one billionth computer mouse.

Logitech's description comes at a time when analysts claim the days of the mouse are numbered.

"It's rare in human history that a billionth of anything has been shipped by one company," said Logitech's general manager Rory Dooley.

  interzone55 11:45 04 Dec 2008

people have been hailing the imminent death of the keyboard & mouse for years, and it's still not happened.

I've tried voice recognition and didn't like it one bit, and using a touch screen just isn't as ergonomic as using a mouse, you have to lift your hand up from the keyboard towards the screen instead of just moving to the left (or right) for your mouse. Also most touch screens seem to have lower resolution, and poorer image quality than standard screens - although I haven't used many, so newer ones may be better.

I have to say though that I try to use my mouse as little as possible, preferring to use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible...

  Covergirl 12:22 04 Dec 2008

. . . that a billionth of anything has been shipped by one company," said Logitech's general manager Rory Dooley.

Obviously he hasn't taken smarties, chocolate drops, jelly beans, ball bearings, airgun pellets, etc etc etc into consideration.

  dagbladet 13:41 04 Dec 2008

In fairness though, you tend not to go into the local sweet shop and say can I have a jelly bean, oh and an airgun pellet .22 please.

  Forum Editor 18:58 04 Dec 2008

is an example of a very rare thing - a device that is very difficult to improve on. OK, I know that we have mousewheels and optical mice, and various buttons, but the concept hasn't changed - a little hand-held device that enables you to point and click with amazing accuracy, anywhere on a pretty big display in about a second.

I have no interest in voice commands, imagine a busy office with everyone shouting at their mouse, and touch screens are a pain the proverbial - not nearly as fast as a mouse, and what about all those smeary finger-marks everywhere?

Leave me and my mouse alone - we're a marriage made in heaven.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:33 04 Dec 2008

I knew mice bred fast but 1 billion in 40 yrs since the first mouse.

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  tullie 21:40 04 Dec 2008

Congradulations Logitec,i use your mices,now can i have a free one please,one out of a billion is just a drop in the ocean,usb please

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