That's the spirit, as they say, but not in this context!

  TopCat® 16:41 28 Feb 2013

Instead of draining away waste water at this distillery someone opened the wrong valve and thousands of litres of prime whisky was lost down the sewers. The sewer men said they could smell it but I'd dare hazard a guess that a few litres may have been salvaged by some of them!

Well, he who dares wins as it's said by some! TC.

  wiz-king 07:56 01 Mar 2013

I had enough trouble explaining to Customs some years ago one broken bottle of alcohol in the lab. I had to keep the top of the bottle to show them it was still sealed.

  Aitchbee 08:23 01 Mar 2013

... the resident sewer rats will be havin' a party ;o)

  Quickbeam 09:06 01 Mar 2013

And getting truly rat arsed...

  Aitchbee 09:09 01 Mar 2013

... precisely.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:46 01 Mar 2013

So this was not the opening of a new night club then? The Whiskey a Go GO.

  Quickbeam 13:21 01 Mar 2013

Don't we all just that the FE is in the background somewhere groaning.

  caccy 17:59 01 Mar 2013

If it had been Anisette or Rum I would have tears in my eyes, as it is.....

  Bing.alau 18:01 01 Mar 2013

Just think of all the tax the government has missed out on and laugh.

  fourm member 18:06 01 Mar 2013

No-one has mentioned the likely fine the company will end up paying.

Letting whisky leak is a dangerous thing to do.

  Quickbeam 18:50 01 Mar 2013

Plus the environmental pollution, it went somewhere even if they say it was contained in the sewage works, it certainly wasn't recycled.

I remember in the '70s, when I worked at a bakery that backed onto a canal along with three others that did too, the environmental people were trying to discover who dumped a dough mix into the canal. Apparently it had had a blue nylon brush chopped to bits in it (that would have fallen in by accident, which was quite a common cock up), and then dumped into the canal. However it was during the heatwave months of the '70s when the water was quite warm, so the dense dough after sinking to the bottom, fermented quite happily from a dense volume that would fill the back of an estate car, to the aerated volume of a truck which then rose up to the surface and floated down several miles of canal before sticking itself around the lock gates and several small pleasure craft moored up in that area!

They never did find out who was to blame. We've move on quite a bit from the old out of sight, out of mind days.

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