That's nice no 1

  Algerian peter ™ 00:02 16 Nov 2012
  mole1944 04:23 16 Nov 2012

This man is full of hateful bile,it's best we keep him here so we can monitor him,he knows that were he to be deported he'd get short shrift from the Jordan government and mark my words like it or not he'll be going there at some time. Were to soft in this country,he likes to spout bile in safety of us whilst claiming benifits,well soon enough he'll be gone to the recieve the type of justice he so thinks is best.In other words he's a bully boy and a coward.

  muddypaws 10:09 16 Nov 2012

Surely his appearance will give him away wherever he goes unless he is going to shave his whiskers off.

  johndrew 15:53 16 Nov 2012

This man is full of hateful bile ...

In fairness bile has a use - does this individual?

It would be a blessing if he were spirited away as others were during the cold war. A comfy crate with an integral chair into which he could be securely strapped and simply load this into a cargo aircraft bound for somewhere hot out of the reach of both UK and EU courts. I'm certain there would be many volunteers to aid in the action.

An alternative would be for a Home Office edict to simply put him on a flight to Jordan (preferably using that country's carrier) and a Royal pardon for the signatory to the order. After all if a hangman could get one why not a public spirited Minister of the Crown.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:00 16 Nov 2012

Perhaps the fair and humane thing to do would be to treat him like the indiginous population, and put him at the back of the queue for housing, benefits, medical treatment, legal assistance etc.


  johndrew 10:17 17 Nov 2012

fourm member

In his case yes.

As for others I have no evidence to judge either way - do you?

  morddwyd 11:24 17 Nov 2012

'as others were during the cold war.'

What, and made to work for IKEA?


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