Ryanair "puerile and childish"

  Seth Haniel 12:46 04 Jan 2010

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Budget airline Ryanair has been accused of being "puerile and childish" over its payment policy by business watchdog the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

OFT chief executive John Fingleton attacked the company for fees that Ryanair adds when customers use all but one type of credit card to pay online.

According to the Money Box report, the UK Cards Association estimates for credit cards, banks charge airlines between 1.5% to 2.5% of a payment in transaction fees.

It believes it is significantly less than £1 to process a debit card transaction.

That means a family of four on a return journey paying on one debit card should pay about 30p, if they were just covering the airline's costs, but would be charged £40 by Ryanair.

  Covergirl 13:01 04 Jan 2010

. . . from the BBC Watchdog programme - on investigation this turns out to have been back in October 2008.

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What a shame it takes so long for such things to get sorted out.

On the other hand, is the Watchdog program effective or not ?

  interzone55 13:38 04 Jan 2010

Ironically. I think the retailer charges on pre-paid charge cards are actually higher than for standard cards, so unless Ryanair have a deal with Mastercard to take these cards at a special rate they will be losing out.

I wonder how many people actually have these cards, as they are quite expensive for the cardholder to use because you incur a charge each time you credit money to the card...

  jack 15:34 04 Jan 2010

And Ryanair should stop it and get on with running a proper business.
It is one thing to price an item
Then add shipping
then add VAT
Then a Credit Card charge to -make the product look competitive'
but it fools no one- the price is what it costs the buyer all in.
Amazon are playing this game with some of their trading partners- A piece of luggage purchased by me last year was priced at £49.95 -but by the times it trading partner had got onto the case added local taxes shipping etch it came to pee less than £100 - still a good purchase there is nothing like it in the UK under £2/300.
But it is still a shock to the system.

Go to a car showroom
ooh that's a good price for that one I'll have it.
Oh yes sir the the car - then there are wheels, the metallic paint ,-you do want a Hi Fi sir another 500 and so it goes on.

So Ryanair just get real it costs to move people - just way what it is.

  Seth Haniel 15:45 04 Jan 2010

Ryanair came in cheapest for a Dublin flight at the time £27.50 - though it didn't specify that was one way - then the CC tax - the tax to leave Ireland - etc etc, cut down to hand luggage only - and no insurance and the total for ticket ended at £109.00 (would have been more - but the in flight was on Easter Friday and no tax was charged for that day???)

  DieSse 18:55 04 Jan 2010

It's dead simple - you check out the total price and compare it with the alternatives. If you don't like it, buy an alternative.

Personally I think John Fingleton is the one making puerile and childish comments - Ryanair are doing nothing illegal (AFAIK), and JF is just throwing his toys out of the pram.

Perhaps he'd care to either put more time into things that matter, or work less hours and take a pay cut.

  interzone55 21:16 04 Jan 2010

"Amazon are playing this game with some of their trading partners"

No, I think it's the other way round - the trading partner decides on pricing, not Amazon.

Also the local taxes part of the price is down to whatever state the partner is based in - US shops often price items less tax, then local sales tax is added at the till...

  interzone55 21:17 04 Jan 2010

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How long before Ryanair add on an additional fee for landing safely...

  MAJ 21:56 04 Jan 2010

For pity's sake don't be giving Micheal any more ideas.

As usual, DieSse, speaks sense;

"It's dead simple - you check out the total price and compare it with the alternatives. If you don't like it, buy an alternative."

  jack 09:19 05 Jan 2010

You are correct Alan of course, and this particular item was sourced from USA- delivered by Parcel Line.
But at the purchasing screen this not not made clear by Amazon so that an infrquequent E-shopper
such as my self- will be unaware of the foibles of international sourcing.
As I said that almost 100% 'Upscale' of price was a shock- but that said it had no parallel in the UK.

  oldbeefer2 09:21 05 Jan 2010

...it's not just Ryanair - my '£39' ticket each way to Nice came out at £160 return after all the add-ons.

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