Ryanair charges

  anchor 13:02 20 May 2009

I have just been reading about the multiplicity of extra charges to made by Ryanair. As the article states: "passengers face a huge array of levies on top of their flight ticket".

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Moreover, how does one check in hold luggage if there is no check-in desk?.

  Pine Man 13:55 20 May 2009

'Moreover, how does one check in hold luggage if there is no check-in desk?.'

Simple really, the way I have done it for a long time, never fly with Ryanair (or for that matter EasyJet).

  anchor 14:06 20 May 2009

I will avoid Ryanair like the plague!. I recall that quite recently Ryan was even considering charging £1 to use the on-board loo.

I have used EasyJet on three or four occasions, (the last time this January), and have been reasonably satisfied. Just watch your hold luggage weight to avoid a high extra charge. Hand luggage is not weighed.

  MAJ 17:10 20 May 2009

Luckily there are loads of other operators, if you don't like Ryanair, use another. For internal UK flights I use Easyjet and Manx2 (I know IOM isn't part of the UK) and for European flights I use whoever flies to the city I want to go to, which usually rules out Ryanair.

  Forum Editor 17:53 20 May 2009

They took me from Stanstead to Pisa and back from Venice to Stanstead. I had messed up on flight bookings with other airlines, and it was a case of any port in a storm.

I was pleasantly surprised the flights were unbelievably punctual, aircraft were spotless, cabin crew efficient. I hadn't a single complaint once airborne - the bad part was all on the ground. I had to stand in a boarding queue for what seemed an eternity, and people were decidedly tetchy.

  monkeyboy21 18:58 20 May 2009

I'm flying Ryanair next week so have yet to comment on their 'in the air service'. However, I did feel slightly misled after taking up advertised fares for £10 each way we were then met with a barrage of charges to try and negotiate once we'd confirmed the original fare. These included charging for check-in, any hold luggage we may have to take and being charged £5 pp each way to actually pay for the flights. Lucky for us we were only going for a short weekend so could get away with carry-on luggage, but i dare to think how much the final bill would be if we had hold luggage and had to check-in!

  Colin 20:20 20 May 2009

This may be of interest. click here

  AL47 23:45 20 May 2009

i will be flying with ryanair in june, flown with easyjet, easyjet were fine

i understand why ryanair charge for everything, if u dont use it why should you have to subside others who do, [ie loo]

but for things like debit card [or whatever payment, they still charge] is pointless cause it is unavoidable!

  laurie53 07:26 21 May 2009

It is after all a "no frills"`airline.

It simply depends if your definition of "no frills" is similar to their's.

  anchor 08:08 21 May 2009

As I asked, if there are to be no check-in desks, how is it possible to check in hold luggage, (albeit at extra charge).

Do they assume all their passengers will have only hand luggage, of which only 1 piece is allowed, and the weight limited to 10Kg?.

As I said, I have used EasyJet a few times, and have been satisfied. In fact, the leg room was more than on on a Monarch flight.

  Seth Haniel 15:43 21 May 2009

at Christmas -
1 Sandwich 1 tea & 1 coffe £11.00
declined sandwich and bill was £6+

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