Russia 'plans forward air operating base' in Syria

  Dragon_Heart 03:15 15 Sep 2015

So says US click here tells of Russia's involvement in Afghanistan so is this good or bad news ? Again in the past Russia has used these conflicts to get a 'back door' into the area.


  Belatucadrus 12:02 15 Sep 2015

Well the west supported the Mujahideen in Afganistan on the theory that "My enemies enemy is my friend " turned out to be wrong. Syria is a disaster and even if Daesh is defeated there it will be decades before the devastation is reversed. The Assad regimes have generally sourced their military hardware from the USSR/Russia and with the understandable lack of support from the west it's no surprise he's looked east.

Putin loves flexing his military, not sure he wants to get bogged down in a long messy civil war. He may be worried that Daesh/Isil success may set the Chechens off again. I suspect he's looking for some quick dramatic press-worthy successes, not sure he'll get them.

  Dragon_Heart 12:10 15 Sep 2015

Just think what would happen if the IS occupied part of Israel ?

  Quickbeam 12:22 15 Sep 2015

Then the Israelis would do what we haven't the stomach for.

They would invade and control the region. That in turn would bring about the next set of problems for the rest of the century...

  spuds 12:36 15 Sep 2015

"Just think what would happen if the IS occupied part of Israel ?"

Do you really think that will happen. Knowing the area and especially the Israelis, the chance of that happening would not even be thinkable.

  wee eddie 14:15 15 Sep 2015

maybe we should learn to hug a Ruskie.

America is suspicious, quite naturally, given their experiences over the past few decades. But the Russians have Daesh type problems on their own doorstep and also need to address the problem

  kad292 22:52 15 Sep 2015

Sooner or later Daesh WILL attack Israel then world war will begin in ernest.

  Devil Fish 23:15 16 Sep 2015

Russia are allies of Syria so it was only a matter of time before they became involved . And in all honesty if the west hadn't gone playing cowboys and Indians in the middle east and north Africa IS would not exist.Yes Hussain Mubarak were deplorable dictators in our eyes but look at the big picture a lot of middle east and north Africa are very tribal thus needing a firm hand to control it and keep it stable,I'm not saying for one minute these people shouldn't have gone but we should have had an end plan which quite clearly we didn't .And now you have a complete mess .We now need to work with the Russians to eradicate IS then look at a negotiated power hand over (removal of Assad ) in Syria after that is complete

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