Runaway Tube Train

  Seth Haniel 11:48 13 Aug 2010

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A driverless train ran for almost four miles on the London Underground on Friday morning.

'Cutting down on man power' :)

  Quickbeam 11:55 13 Aug 2010

Was Walter Matthau involved in it...?

  sunnystaines 15:15 13 Aug 2010

I wonder if south kensington was involved as its by Pelham street.

  Quickbeam 15:59 13 Aug 2010

The hijackers were killed by a No 27 bus as they emerged from a manhole in the road outside the station at Mornington Crescent... sounds like a good movie plot to me:)

  Forum Editor 17:33 13 Aug 2010

As luck would have it, I had an early morning meeting in Central London, and decided to take the tube, rather than mess around trying to park the car.

Little did I know that the runaway train - which had earlier passed through my local station on its way to its appointment with fate - had trundled off on its own, and caused the closure of the line from Finchley Central to Camden town. "Widespread disruption" is putting it mildly - in the end I took a cab.

  karmgord 17:48 13 Aug 2010

This seems apt

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Standby to hear from Bob Crow.

  Quickbeam 17:58 13 Aug 2010

Did you manage to get Walter's autograph then FE;)

  jack 19:56 13 Aug 2010

of Representative[ in this case the Tube company]by news presenters.
Q. 'And can you say this will not happen again'
The poor interviewee tries to talk it round by out lining what is going to happen next
But the presenter persists-
The short answer from the Interviewee -should have been 'No I bloody cant' so do not ask damn fool questions.

Of course like so often happens the poor chaps head will roll if he did give such an answer- even if it is in such circumstances the right one- simply not the one folk want to hear.
This same situation occurs time and time again, whenever a tragic event takes place-Child care/abuse cases for example and of course not with standing promises and vows will happen again and again - such is human nature

  karmgord 20:02 13 Aug 2010

between the engine and the carriage

  morddwyd 20:14 13 Aug 2010

Memories of the Moorgate tube disaster come back

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The Northern Line again.

  octal 22:27 13 Aug 2010

Memories indeed, my wife normally got to Moorgate at that time to walk up City Road to work. On that particular day she wanted to get something from the chemist at Old Street so she got off the train there instead.
I used to work on the telephone exchange for Liverpool Street station and we started to get the calls of the disaster just after 09:00 that morning, was I glad when I managed to get though to her to find she had arrived at work safely, I remember I was shaking like a leaf trying to get an outgoing line as they where all busy for some time.

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