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Rugby World Cup

  Quickbeam 11:34 10 Sep 2011

England do like to do things the hard way...

  Quickbeam 10:45 11 Sep 2011

Wales are giving South Africa a bit of a fright just now. The Boers won't like that at all:)

  Quickbeam 11:16 11 Sep 2011

That was far better than England's opening game, must be something to do with the shirt numbers not coming off...

  Quickbeam 11:50 11 Sep 2011

You should have won that, Wales deserved to have won it, but they do say that the winners are only counted at the finish.

  Pineman100 17:05 11 Sep 2011

England got the right result in the end, but they certainly didn't deserve it. I couldn't believe how many penalties they conceded through sheer laxity. All teams have been warned that the tournament refs won't allow any leeway on offsides, so they've been warned.

We can only hope that this was simply a touch of first match jitters, and that they'll settle down before the next match. But if Jonny can't get his kicking up to par, then Toby Flood is going to have to step in.

  Aitchbee 21:48 11 Sep 2011

If I were a rugger fan, I would support Scotland,(obviously),and all of the teams that England have got to I being too patriotic? Give me round balls,that behave themselves.How are the Scots doing anyway?

  Quickbeam 00:43 12 Sep 2011

Click here to find out HB...

  Quickbeam 10:11 12 Sep 2011

I've got withdrawal symptoms already waiting for Scotland's game on Wednesday.

  morddwyd 10:42 12 Sep 2011

"but that kick was good"

A good kick achieves its aim, whether points or position.

That one didn't, because the referee said so.

Wales did the right thing by just getting on with the game.

An illustration of one of the basic rules of Welsh rugby, still relevant "Let the referee worry about the ball, the rest of you just get on with the game".

  Quickbeam 10:26 14 Sep 2011

Nice win for Scotland. The tenacity of those Georgians was there from beginning to end, but their brute force and ignorance approach lacked the finesse to score points.

I've just rearranged all my work to be able to see all the home nation games, YES!

  Pineman100 10:40 14 Sep 2011

Well, I agree that the Georgians lacked finesse, but they certainly didn't lack courage and determination... or muscle! Their defence line was impenetrable.

Good win for Scotland, though. I wonder why Patterson was held back on the bench until the last 15 mins. Is he recovering from an injury?

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