Rugby player jailed for internet scam!

  Uboat 23:32 17 May 2010

This is one of my drinking friends!, looks like he's six figure salary has now gone up in smoke..
i just cant get my head around WHY he would take risks like this when he's 32 & on such good money.? he's such a lovely kid too, apart from this he's got no previous convictions?
He's wasted his career now & his g/friend is devastated! He wasnt expecting prison though...

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  mr simon 00:06 18 May 2010

"he's such a lovely kid too, apart from this he's got no previous convictions?"

You obviously don't know him that well...

"He was jailed for nine months for the counterfeiting offences and a further six months as a result of breaching a previous suspended sentence relating to a racially aggravated common assault. "

  Forum Editor 06:08 18 May 2010

No he isn't, he's a fraudster, and has a previous conviction for racially aggravated assault.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:46 18 May 2010

He is a thief, a scam artist and a thug. I would advise you to choose your friends more carefully as you seem to have limited experience. He deserves all he gets and more.


  Pine Man 07:50 18 May 2010

'apart from this he's got no previous convictions'


  morddwyd 08:14 18 May 2010

Nor had Shipman!

  donki 10:08 18 May 2010

Why did he do it? I'd say for the money he was making out off people that were buying his products. Would you have thought he was such a nice kid if you had bought the said ink and it had of damaged your printer? I would suggest no you wouldnt, you would be on here in the consumor fourm shouting to high heaven about the con artists on Ebay. Its people like him that put people off using the site.

I know nothing of the other conviction he has so won't comment.

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