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RT Today bank accounts to be closed.

  Govan1x 09:44 18 Oct 2016

Watched this TV News program on and off for a while and and often wondered what the RT was for.Never bothered to Google it but found out it was in the news last night that there bank accounts with some UK banks will be closed within the next 2 months.Of course it stands for Russia Today.

It has been stated that this is nothing to do with the Government and the banks have made their own decisions on this.

Obviously they must know something that we don't so maybe they might explain why to their customers and public.

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  Teabag. 04:32 29 Nov 2016

john bunyan

For WoS. It is strange a Scot living in Bath calling himself a rev, living off the fat of England then criticising how England is pillaging him and his country but he can't even be bothered to live and work in Scotland.

Might as well start biased blogg and call myself archbishop Desmond Tutu. Bloke is a fruit cake.

enter link description here

  john bunyan 07:57 29 Nov 2016


Thanks for the links! This paper is quite often quoted by some, I was merely saying that the Dail Mail and WoS need to be read with a pinch is salt.

  wee eddie 09:48 29 Nov 2016

Spider: How about "Bloke has a slightly biased outlook"

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