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  Bob The Nob© 10:54 20 May 2005

I am just starting to use RSS feeds. I have found them. Very useful and they take off time to check the BBC headlines and other baords. But could PCA's website do with an RSS feed?? I would use it lots. what do you think??

  Kate B 12:43 20 May 2005

It does have an RSS feed - Safari on my iBook just picks it up automatically. Not sure how you set up for Windows, though ... someone else?

  PurplePenny 20:04 20 May 2005

This has been mentioned before and at the time someone said that there was the RSS logo somewhere on the PCA site. I've never found it and others on the thread had likewise not seen the logo.

I've seen it on other sites and have used it to add sites to Thunderbird, where is it lurking here? Alternatively what is the URL for the PCA feed?

  powerless 20:44 20 May 2005

The feed link: click here

Interesting you should say that... As I only found the feed through Operas' RSS blue button in the address bar.

As for an ornage XML, RSS button there is none, i think?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:35 20 May 2005

bottom right corner there's a funny orange square with some white lines on it. Hovering with my pointer gives the following line

"Add live bookmarks for this page's feed"

Is this any help? (probably not if you don't have firefox!)

What's RSS?


  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:45 20 May 2005

for anyone else who doesn't know

click here


  PurplePenny 22:47 20 May 2005

Tasslehoff - I'm using Firefox but I don't see the orange logo on here. I've seen it on other sites.

Powerless - thanks for the link. I'll add it to Thunderbird.

RSS = Really Simple Syndication - a format for collecting (and distributing) online news and blogs.

  Bob The Nob© 22:55 20 May 2005

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication! Its a way to get new news with just a click instead of going to loads for differant sites!

  PurplePenny 23:00 20 May 2005

I've just realised why I've seen the orange square with the lines on some sites but I'm not seeing it on here!

I just bet I've got an RSS extension for Firefox on the either laptop or my work PC but not on this PC (I'm not very consistent with my extensions, so sometimes things don't happen as I expect them to!).

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:29 20 May 2005

but how would I add it to thunderbird (for this site) and what benefit would that have over using a bookmark in firefox?

Sorry if I'm hijacking a thread here!


  Kev.Ifty 23:57 20 May 2005

And here's a free one to try

click here

It's a RSS Reader, its free, though you do get the "Click here to Register for your improved version" type pop up. Its pretty good and its a excellent program for people that want to try this 'RSS Thing' out for free!

I can see a new 'How do i get this RSS thing to work', Forum, coming on :-)


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