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The Royal Society opens up all its archives online for free

  TopCat® 17:44 26 Oct 2011

As supposedly another severe winter approaches us I thought some members might be intrigued to spend some time accessing these archives. From what I've read about them already, there are some fascinating revelations on a host of subject material to be viewed. Check out the drop down menu at this link TC.

  Aitchbee 18:07 26 Oct 2011

TC - looks very good. I tried Newton's 'Principia' in the search.Verily, a bountiful font of knowledge!

  morddwyd 21:36 26 Oct 2011

Archives can suck you in.

I remember being in an aviation archive once doing some contemporary research when I found the original evaluation of the first captured Focke Wulf 190.

I didn't get much research done that particular afternoon I can tell you!

  Forum Editor 00:27 27 Oct 2011

Thanks TC

Something to keep me occupied in my idle moments.

more information about this here

  Forum Editor 19:56 27 Oct 2011


Doesn't everyone use formants as assessment cues during intrasexual agonistic interactions?

I must have been getting it terribly wrong all these years.

  dagbladet 20:41 27 Oct 2011

You're lucky FE, my wife has never let me do that.

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