Royal Protection Officers

  oresome 15:20 22 Jul 2012

Are now costing the taxpayer over £300,000 per day.

Is it time to trim the budget, or would this be playing into the hands of terrorists, criminals and those with mental health issues?

Of course it's not just the royals who get protection, lots of other important people get similar protection wherever they travel, whether on official Government business or not. Think ex PMs running their own lucrative businesses for instance.

Should they finance their own security as many other companies have to or are they a special case?

Could G4S do the job better for less money?

  woody 16:27 22 Jul 2012

I think it would be an excellent idea for G4S to guard T.B./ED/Gordon - with the same quality/standard/type that we have seen them propose for the games - I would even agree to the guards having firearms.

  spuds 17:17 22 Jul 2012

Any links to the sums mentioned?.

I have just been reading about the travel expenses for No1 Prime Minister, and his entourage, plus other ministerial people.

Very eye watering indeed!.

  Aitchbee 18:53 22 Jul 2012

Why can't these VIP's just work from home and use modern communication devices.

  Forum Editor 18:59 22 Jul 2012

"Why can't these VIP's just work from home and use modern communication devices."

They do use modern communication devices, but members of the Royal family travel at the request of various charities,businesses,and local authorities. They are invited to visit foreign countries, and wherever they go, the protection officers go.

In terms of the amount of goodwill that results from a Royal visit I imagine that the cost to the taxpayer represents pretty good value for money.

Ministers and other VIPs travel because their job necessitates it - you can't run a modern government Ministry from a spare bedroom.

  morddwyd 19:48 22 Jul 2012

"you can't run a modern government Ministry from a spare bedroom."

Though you could be forgiven for thinking that that's the impression they give!

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