Royal Mail Sale Risks 50,000 Jobs!

  Geronimo. 07:51 16 Dec 2008

OMG MORE bad news...they are trying to sell a LARGE amount of the company & if it does go ahead lets hope its not run the same as the train companies over here...

NO job is safe...

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  DieSse 10:38 16 Dec 2008

Perhaps you'd prefer the chaos of them going bankrupt?

If postal deliveries and etc can be run with 50,000 less jobs - I would think that was a good think. It could mean cheaper postal charges, more profits for the company (which means more tax paid, more money for investments, more money to support their pension funds etc.), and a more stable, reliable organisaton to run it all.

Pluys more workers who could be better employed in other companies, thus lowering the need for immigrant labour.

In short - a win, win, win situation.

As for the trains - there are big, ongoing increases in passengers carried, faster journey times, more comfortable rolling stock and so on - what's wrong with that - compared to the run down nationalised organisation there used to be?

  Cymro. 12:29 16 Dec 2008

I don`t suppose that the 50 thousand postmen who may end up out of a job will see it as a win, win, win situation.

No`r will the rural out of the way little places who may well end up without a post office or even a delivery service.

As for the immigrant labour we have been glad enough to have them over here working in the NHS etc..

  DieSse 13:26 16 Dec 2008

Firstly - it doesn't say 50,000 postmen - it says out of total staff 0f 150,000, after closing several mail handling centres - and the figures are in dispute anyway. There will always be mail deliverers required, so I would have thought postmen in particular would have the safest jobs.

There will always be some sort of rural delivery service, because there are international obligations about post delivery.

Post Offices are a different matter. If they can't find a way of standing on their own feet - then they'll have to close. There's no reason why they should be subsidised is there?

I've nothing against immigrant labour at all - I just said there would be more indigenous labour freed up to do necessary jobs - isn't that preferable?

  Cymro. 13:52 16 Dec 2008

It is the very fact that you use the term "some sort of rural delivery service" that worries me. I want something better than "some sort of service".

You say that Post Offices have to "stand on their own feet" and there`s "no reason why they should be subsidised". There are many examples of things in rural Britain that are in some way or other subsidised. Virtually all the countryside and the people who live in it are subsidised in some way or other.

As for immigrant labour, why is it preferable to have indigenous labour do the work then?. Mind you I suppose that indigenous labour as you call it would know their way round the rural countryside better than immigrant labour.
Or perhaps you have some other reason for preferring indigenous labour to have the jobs.

  sunnystaines 14:45 16 Dec 2008

The P.O. has certainly fallen down and needs sorting out. the poor service round here is dreadful. an efficent private service may improve things.

  Cymro. 15:01 16 Dec 2008

"an efficient private service may improve things"

Yes indeed it may well do so, but only if you live in the right place and are willing to pay whatever the private company can get away with charging you for their service.

The number of people who live in rural areas is probably more than you think, or take those who live in high-rise flats don`t think the postman will be able to spend too much time delivering letters to such places as their will not be the profit in it not at the prices we pay now anyway.

  lofty29 16:51 16 Dec 2008

One thing private postal delivery companies will NOT want is the doorstep delivery service, if there is privatisation then it will be cherry picked, which has already happend with the bulk business mail, either you want a cheap convienient postal service, which means subsidies, or you want a expensive non subsidised one, you cannot have both, the same way you can have a cheap public transport service with hefty subsidies, or an expensive one without. Look at the energy and water companies that have been privatised, we are paying through the nose and the massive profits are going to shareholders, nothing like the investment that is needed is going back in for the future, they are mostly now foreign owned and out of control of the UK.

  Monoux 17:06 16 Dec 2008

On teletext today it said that most of 1.34m jobs created gone to imigrants - so just where do you expect those made redundant by the Post Office and other organisatiions are going to get a job -- they are not - yet more to be paid out in benefits.
I think Lofty29 is right it will end up in foreign hands out of Govenmement control ( although some may say that's not a bad thing ) and we'll get ripped off yet again just like the utility companies who blamed the price hikes on oil , I don't see it coming down as fast now that oil is approx one third of what it was. Could it be that because of high winter usage they will wait until the spring so making a bigger killing -- cynical Moi !

  oresome 17:13 16 Dec 2008

"the massive profits are going to shareholders"

I do get tired of reading such statements!

I'm a shareholder in two utility companies, one is showing an annual return of +4.2% and the other -4.2%. I make that an overall annual return of 0% assuming an equal investment in both companies.

Hardly massive profits going to shareholders!

  Forum Editor 18:23 16 Dec 2008

there are all kinds of wild and sweeping knee-jerk comments being trotted out here.

The Postal service in this country has deteriorated, and because we're all using email so much the daily postal traffic has declined. It's time the Post Office did something drastic, and splitting the business up is not exactly the shock of the century - Richard Hooper can have had few better alternatives to suggest.

The figure of 50,000 job losses is one that's been bandied about by the unions, and there's been no decision taken by the government, so at the moment it's all just talk.

Better to wait until there's a government reaction to the report, I would have thought.

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