Royal Mail and recent Privatisation

  spuds 10:17 21 Mar 2014

It seems very quiet on the forum again, so here is question to ponder about?.

The Royal Mail was recently taken out of the government hands and possible long term public ownership, and due to this, have you found any real changes to the way 'Royal' Mail now provide a service?.

In my own location in the country for instance, there would appear to be a re-organisation of services, especially to daily deliveries to the public. One particular noticeable change, is the delivery of package items and parcel's. Previously a van use to deliver large or heavier items, while one post-person delivered mail. Now it would seem, two post-persons arrive in a van, and now deliver all items in the district, so perhaps now doing away with excess loads or mail, usually left in the past at various located collecting points.

So have you noticed any changes to your postal routine, and perhaps an improved situation since privatisation?.

  spuds 11:44 21 Mar 2014

Regarding 'next day' deliveries, I have a number of those over the month, but what I do find very strange with Royal Mail, is the fact that I can receive items sometimes very much faster from much further afield, than I can with mail posted only a mile or so away.


Your postal situation was on similar par to my previous routine, but things seem to be changing. For instance the regular postman who was very understanding with my deliveries was moved elsewhere. The new two posties, now need re-training, a task I dread :O(

  fourm member 12:05 21 Mar 2014


I'm guessing that Royal Mail has to pass on the full amount to customs so it can't have a credit card charge (or even the cost of banking a cheque) and has to stick to cash.

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  fourm member 13:59 21 Mar 2014


I'm not sure what point you're trying to make by mentioning VAT.

And are you saying there are money transfer arrangements where no charges are made to either side?

I suspect it should be possible but I'm sure there's a lot of conservatism in both HMRC and Royal Mail that means there's no-one driving innovation.

  Aitchbee 18:31 21 Mar 2014

My local post office is currently having a major 'makeover'. It is [and always has been] incorporated into a local newsagents' premises. The only gripe I've got is that the Post Office 'shuts up shop' between 1pm and 2pm (monday to friday), and only opens up until 1pm on saturdays - but the newsagents is opened all day, everyday!

I will be checkin' it out tomorrow to see the results of the 'makeover'.

  spuds 10:27 22 Mar 2014


Perhaps what some people may not realise, is that some Post Offices are actually franchised, hence different working routines and hours. With regards to refurbishment, then South of the border this was a big undertaking a few years ago. It was a case of closing down completely, or if the PO wanted the outlet to remain, the PO gave a subsidy to the franchisee for refurbishment or alternatively offered a redundancy deal.

  spuds 10:34 22 Mar 2014

Going back to my original about change of work practices. It would appear that the Royal Mail have made a major investment on this new delivery scheme, including purchasing what appears to be new design 'high-top' Fiat vans.

So far in my area, the idea seems to be working.

One question still remains though, and that is the 'Royal' status that it still seems to hold, now that it as gone into the private sector. The new vans are still carrying the 'Royal' reference, which in itself brings special privileges?.

  fourm member 11:23 22 Mar 2014

'Perhaps what some people may not realise, is that' the Post Office and the Royal Mail are two different organisations.

  spuds 12:26 22 Mar 2014

fourm member

You are very correct, the Post Office and Royal Mail are two different organisations, hence the privatisation of one.

But the government still as its fingers in both pies, so to say?.

I recall being very much involved quite a few years back, when the government were in very much favour of ridding the UK of the Post Office, and I would suspect that the files of that are still ready and available for the next phase?.

  wiz-king 16:42 22 Mar 2014

I wish they could clothe the staff - my posties still have summer kit of 'shorts - issue'

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