Royal mail not quite got the idea

  carver 08:34 13 Jun 2012

Recently if I have ordered some thing from the internet I have had an SMS message telling me that the item will be delivered on a certain day and even the time slot that has been allocated for it, normally a 1 hour slot.

Today had a SMS message from Royal Mail, the message reads.

Royal Mail received your parcel from xxxxxx and will attempt to deliver it today.

No time given not even an estimate of will it be here in the morning or even the afternoon, I don't think they have really grasped the idea of this message service yet.

It's no wonder that Royal Mail are struggling, the other month I had to return an item that had died to Denmark, Royal Mail took 10 day to deliver the item and DPD took 2 days to return it.

  BT 08:53 14 Jun 2012

I once had a parcel not delivered because "the driver couldn't find your address". I had called the delivery office because the delivery was overdue, and this was the answer I got from them. If I hadn't called it would have been returned to the sender.

My house is directly behind the road name sign with the number in 4" high characters on the wall.

I suggested that perhaps postal vans should be equipped with an A to Z.

I another instance a parcel from USA was not delivered and we didn't have a card left despite the fact that we were at home on the day they said they had attempted delivery. The result was that he parcel was returned to the sender and cost them another $26.00 on top of the original postage.

  rickf 09:24 14 Jun 2012

I wish Rm has a presence on this forum. Perhaps that's a pie in the sky thing to hope for!!

  rickf 09:26 14 Jun 2012

To be cynical might they be running it down so it can be privatised completely for a penny(?) and someone would then make a killing.

  spuds 09:34 14 Jun 2012

At once upon a time you could make an independent complaint via PostWatch, who were very efficient in resolving problems, but now all problems are dealt with 'in-house', and that is were further problems occur.

I queried why Royal Mail leave cards stating quite clearly that items have been left with 'designated neighbours', yet Royal Mail have clearly told me that they do not provide this service. And that's from the top!.

With regards to the 24 hour waiting period for collections. I have found that some post-persons who live near their daily rounds, might take the items home, then hand the item in the next day. But according to rules, this should never happen. There is also a change regarding non-delivery, and that might include collecting the item from the nearest post office chosen by the post-person. Both Royal Mail and ParcelForce are now doing this, but some of the post offices are not very happy, due to lack of storage space and extra administration.

Perhaps it will soon get to the point, that all mail and postal items will have to be collected from a centre area collecting point. They do this already in some countries, so I am sure the powers in being are or have already looked into this?.

  spuds 09:44 14 Jun 2012


Last year I read in our local newspaper an article from a senior area manager of Royal Mail, that was in response to a number of complaints being made. That article was utter nonsense, and through the newspaper, I made certain challenges to this person, as did other people. Never did receive a response from this person who had praised Royal Mail services .

Because it was evident, that he could not respond to the hornets nest he had just upset, and possibly justify his position as a senior representative of Royal Mail?.

  spuds 11:14 14 Jun 2012

There is the other consideration, that Royal Mail have closed a number of collection points and sorting offices down over the past year.

In my area of the country, there have been four sorting offices closed last year in favour of transferring the activities to a recently opened, but once mothballed larger out of town unit. Other work and sorting as ended up 40 miles away. Some staff were offered redundancy or the option of working further afield with no extra incentives.

The general feeling was that the post-person's have brought all this on themselves, but the 'new' CEO hasn't or doesn't seem to have improved the situation much. So what is the answer, perhaps the government as that!.

  Strawballs 12:39 14 Jun 2012

alan14 maybe they should get that sorted as well then!

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