Royal mail not quite got the idea

  carver 08:34 13 Jun 2012

Recently if I have ordered some thing from the internet I have had an SMS message telling me that the item will be delivered on a certain day and even the time slot that has been allocated for it, normally a 1 hour slot.

Today had a SMS message from Royal Mail, the message reads.

Royal Mail received your parcel from xxxxxx and will attempt to deliver it today.

No time given not even an estimate of will it be here in the morning or even the afternoon, I don't think they have really grasped the idea of this message service yet.

It's no wonder that Royal Mail are struggling, the other month I had to return an item that had died to Denmark, Royal Mail took 10 day to deliver the item and DPD took 2 days to return it.

  interzone55 09:53 13 Jun 2012

I think Royal Mail suffer from their staff holding them back.

The internal hierarchy seems to be much the same as it was years ago. Some staff will do all they can to protect their own jobs and bring progress to a halt. I get the same feeling about some staff in the office where I work (not Royal Mail).

Private couriers are subject to market forces, so have to bring in new services to survive.

This week I've just had some festival tickets delivered. I got a text when DX received the tickets from Ticketmaster, then I got a text when they were despatched. Then when the driver was near my house he rang to say he was on the way, as we live in a hard to find area he stayed on the phone whilst I guided him round the lanes.

Then when he'd handed the tickets over as well as my signature he took a photograph of our front door to confirm he'd delivered them to the correct address.

  spuds 10:18 13 Jun 2012

When the Royal Mail deliver 'When you were out' cards, stating that they have taken the item back, because they had got no response. And you have a written arrangement for delivery to 'designated neighbours', and they refuse to delivery there "because we do not provide that service". Then something must be seriously wrong with the senior administration of Royal Mail.

The same might be said about Special Signed for next day time slot deliveries. Have you ever tried tracking the item. One such item from me, took two days, and it took another few days before I got a part explanation from Royal Mail. I say part, because apparently Data Protection played a part in the answer?.

I still cannot understand how Royal Mail are suppose to be losing money hand over fist, yet at the same time, most of the daily mail I receive via a Royal Mail post-person as another companies logo on it and not the Queen's stamp. I realise there is suppose to be competition, but there are limits?.

  rickf 10:44 13 Jun 2012

The one hr window notification is specific to DPD, an excellent courier service in my experience. Always come on time spcified and gives me the freedom to do things I need to do instead of waiting at home the whole day. RM is a relic in comparison. Other couriers don't provide a window of eta either and they should learn from DPD. As an aside, I had a parcel sent by Amazon Warehouse Deals using Home Delivery Network, not a good service in my opinion, one of the bad ones. Their depot was just 10mins away from me and the item did not arrive till after 6pm in the evening!

  spuds 10:52 13 Jun 2012


You may find that Home Delivery Network use 'part-timers', usually people with spare time seeking further cash rewards, and who may deliver out of school or normal work hours. We get a few monthly deliveries via Home/Yodel and it seems to work that way!.

  Chegs ®™ 11:21 13 Jun 2012

When the Royal Mail deliver 'When you were out' cards, stating that they have taken the item back, because they had got no response.

Our postie will post one of these even when I'm watching him through the window.I've collared him several times and asked for my delivery,then asked why he'd not even bothered knocking & been given the answer(blatant lie)"I did knock,twice infact" Not so long ago,I knew the postman by name(I'd been at school with him)and I remembered back when I was still living at home with my parents that the postman was included in christmas card lists,birthday card lists and we knew where he lived.He would also take time to chat to people along the round(I realise they're under pressure now to maintain a schedule)and would hand over mail to customers away from the customers door,whereas I'd met the postie on my way into town at the end of the street and asked if there was anything for me,only to be told that he couldn't hand over my mail unless I showed proof of my identity(despite him knowing me for the past 40 odd years)Perhaps this is why the RM is in such decline.

  carver 11:31 13 Jun 2012

Well I had to go out to take some old films in to be put onto DVD it's for a birthday and I wanted to make sure they were completed in time.

I was out for just over 40 minutes and when I came back I was faced with a RM van parked across the drive way so I sounded my horn to let him know I was there so I could pull in.

Brilliant idea, he took one look, noticed I wanted to pull into the drive he was blocking so he drove off, when I opened the door there on the floor was a not saying I wasn't in so he was taking the parcel back to the depot.

The best or worst part depending on how you look at it is the note says "sorry we missed you"

  spuds 12:15 13 Jun 2012


The identity check is part of the requirements nowadays. Apparently there were complaints about the Royal Mail and its post-person's not doing their job properly, and not delivering items to the right address and/or person. When I had a card put in the door recently, because I wasn't at home, even though (like you) actually saw the person, and then went to collect the item further along the road, the postman was rather arkward in handing over the item, even though he knew me. It was only after I told him to keep the item, that he finally surrendered it to me, the same applied recently with ParcelForce!.

But perhaps offering support. Our local postman was reprimanded a few months ago, for leaving a few letter's visible in his car seat, while making a delivery. It would seem as though some member of the public had reported this incident?.

  Strawballs 12:42 13 Jun 2012

The one that gets me is the card that says you were out and you have to collect from the sorting office but leave it 24hrs, the sorting office is only half a mile away!!

  interzone55 14:03 13 Jun 2012


you have to leave it for a while as the parcel doesn't get back using magic.

The postie may be at the start of their round. So the parcel gets back when they've completed their round, when it is put in the undelivered pile, from where it is moved to the collection office and filed under your post code.

  rickf 22:07 13 Jun 2012

Another bad habit is when you are expecting Special Delivery before 1pm and the item has not arrived because the postie is running late it'll posted on their tracking site as having been delivered. The item will then arrived w/in the next 20 mins. They do this so as not face compensation claims. When this happend I had complained and customer services freely admitted that it should not have been done. However, it continues to be the case with subsequent deliveries of mine. It's outrageous.

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